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"I love gherkins and I named my daughter…
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"I love gherkins and I named my daughter after my favorite snack"

May 18, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

On what basis of what do you prefer one name to another to give to your child when they are born? The choice of name is not always easy. Maybe because the options so great, or because we are afraid of making a mistake and giving the unborn child a name that he or she will not like, or that will create socialization problems in the future. Sometimes it happens that the more eclectic they are, the more the named child will be exposed to the ridicule of others. But many parents do not allow themselves to be intimidated by such fears and doing their own thing.

What is certain is that no one can contradict the freedom that every parent has in choosing the name for their baby, and the mother we are about to tell you about is proof of this. This woman came up with a very, very original idea and she named the little girl after her favorite snack: pickled gherkins. Let's see what happened:

Chantel Schnider is a new mother who has become very famous (or some would say, infamous) on the internet for the unusual choice she made regarding a name for her baby girl. Usually, when this time comes, most parents have very clear ideas about what the child's name will be - but there are others who are riddled by doubt and indecision.

When in doubt, many new parents ask for advice from relatives and friends. They could also get inspiration from films, a favorite TV series, or books of names in which untold numbers of names are listed. But there are also those who decide to let themselves be guided by something totally unique - like their favorite snack.

No, this is not a joke. TikToker Chantel has followed this unusual source of inspirations and reveals her choice in a video posted to social media. Needless to say, the woman's decision caused a sensation - to the point of her post getting over 10 million views. This is a huge number when you consider that choosing a name for a child is a very common, generally unremarkable, thing to do.

In the caption accompanying the video we read: "I will probably hate myself later for giving her this name, but I have decided to call her ... Pickle".

The images show the woman serenely scoffing down pickled gherkins from a jar. Is this the food snack that she loves so much? Yes, this is the food after which her infant was named. Technically the name Pickle indicates an entire family of pickled food (gherkins, onions, beets, eggs, etc), but we can say, with a high probability of certainty, that the woman was thinking of pickled "gherkins".


Her follower comments were not kind or understanding. Many have expressed their opposition to the name, stating that it could expose the girl to bullying when she grows up and starts going to school. "Don't be surprised when she comes home from school in tears," says one comment, and again: "She will change her name the moment she reaches the legal age to do so. Why did you do that?" Another comment read: "It's a nice name for an animal, but not for a baby. At the most, I might have used it as a nickname."

While most comments have taken this negative tone, there have also been some who have commented that it is a cute and sweet name.

What do you think of this choice? Do you know someone who gave their children an equally strange name?


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