Mother only has $ 20 and overhears her 3 children praying to God for help: then she finds an envelope with money on her doorstep -
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Mother only has $ 20 and overhears her…
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Mother only has $ 20 and overhears her 3 children praying to God for help: then she finds an envelope with money on her doorstep

May 20, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Who of you believes in miracles? Sara Moore Gruver, although religious, did not believe that the prayers of her children would be answered and that, returning home, she would find a pleasant surprise on her doorstep. The chances of a miracle happening were very slim, but this is exactly what she and her family desperately needed at the time. Sara didn't have much money left after paying the rent, bills and grocery shopping - in fact, she was left with only $ 20 dollars. When her children asked her to buy them ice cream, the woman obviously couldn't: the money needed to be kept in reserve if there was some emergency before she got her next salary. But Sara did not know that a "miracle" would be waiting for her at her home.

No parent would ever want to be forced to deny their kids ice cream, but New York paramedic Sara Moore Gruver didn't know how to make ends meet, and with only $ 20 dollars left in her pocket, she couldn't buy her three kids ice cream. For her, this was a difficult but necessary decision. The disappointment of her children was clear, also because, as you can imagine, it was not the first time they had been forced to make sacrifices. But despite their crying and pleading, Sara did not give in: "No, I'm sorry - we  might need the $ 20 dollars for an emergency before my next payday. We have a lot of nice food at home, so we don't need to stop at the ice cream shop. "

At this point, the children fell silent in the back seat of the car. After a while, Sara began to hear whispers coming from the back seat: it was her children who were praying. They prayed that God would work a miracle for their family and allow their mom to get some extra cash so that they have ice cream that night.

Sara immediately told her kids that she thought their praying was a waste of time: "God won't leave any money on our doorstep so you guys can buy ice cream. He's busy right now with natural disasters." Her son Josh, however, did not want to believe her, because according to him, God had clearly answered him: "No, God said that you will get a lot of money for ice cream and also something to give to those people caught up in a natural disaster." Sara didn't keep harping on the same subject, but once she got home, she had to change her mind: in front of her main door, there was an envelope left on the ground. Sara opened it and found a check in it for $ 123 dollars - it was a reimbursement of her college tuition fees from a long time before.


Obviously, for her children, their prayers had worked! None of the kids were surprised, but Sara was stunned. Without hesitation, she immediately took her children to the ice cream parlor and then donated some of the leftover money to the Red Cross.

Even though it was not a large sum of money, Sarah kept her promise and followed the orders that God had given to her children. Moreover, this is precisely how miracles happen and come to be known: Sara's act of giving to the Red Cross will become someone else's "miracle".


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