Rich customers abuse a waitress; the owner of the restaurant writes to them: "Don't come back to my restaurant" -
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Rich customers abuse a waitress; the…
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Rich customers abuse a waitress; the owner of the restaurant writes to them: "Don't come back to my restaurant"

May 16, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Working a job is not always easy. Often we are forced to accept jobs that we do not particularly like because we are driven by the need to earn a salary at the end of the month, and this does not put the employee in a favourable position of power. If we then add that misunderstandings or problems with one's employer could arise, everything becomes even more complicated.

Fortunately, however, there are many people in the world and they are all different from each other. This is also the case in the business sector and, when things goes well, you encounter bosses who know how to appreciate and recognize the work of their employees. Especially if, in the event of an unpleasant episode, they know how to step up and take the side of their employee, even if this could result in sustaining a business loss. And this is what happened in the story we are about to tell you about - a story where a chef turned his back on his best customers in order to help a waitress in his restaurant. Read on to find out all about this story:

Lee Skeet is a young chef who works at Cora, a restaurant in Cardiff (Wales) in the United Kingdom. A few days ago, Lee posted to Twitter the text of an email he had written and sent to one of his best customers. Why did he feel the need to do this? Simply to ask the addressee and his party to never set foot in the restaurant again.

Yes, you read that right. And the reason for this harsh email was the disrespectful behavior of all party's diners towards Lily, a young 22-year-old waitress. In the email we read these words: "Thank you for choosing my restaurant and for spending the highest amount I have ever recorded. I was sorry, however, to note that throughout the evening you and your friends adopted a very attitute and behavior towards Lily, my employee. You, and the members of your party, disrespected her both verbally and physically ".

A report the waitress wrote makes it clear what a horrible situation this young girl found herself in whilst doing her job that evening. No employee, no worker should ever be belittled, offended, vilified or similar in the workplace. Every person is worthy of respect and being rich does not give one the right to bully others and treat them as mere objects. This is most likely what stirred up Lee's sense of justice and made him write these words.


Date night! Slutty shirt alert 😜

Pubblicato da Lee Skeet su Domenica 26 settembre 2021

After recounting the first part of the story, the email continues as follows: "I spent more than an hour talking to Lily who was crying unconsolably for what she had gone through at the hands of your party. For this reason, I request that you never to come back to my restaurant ever again." Lee continued: "I know that I will lose a lot of money through this action, but my employee and her dignity are worth much more than a high dining bill. I also would like to give you some advice: appreciate and respect the people around you ".

With these few lines an employer has wielded his form of "justice". He took the correct side and gave a young girl back the working dignity that had been taken away from her. But his gesture did not end with the email. In fact, Lee had initially thought about returning the customer's money, but then he thought better of this and did something better. He gave the young waitress the sum of £ 1,000 pounds ($1,230 dollars) to apologize to her for what she had gone through.

This was a heartening action - especially because it was done in a historical moment in which many young people are leaving their jobs because they are not treated well. It is comforting to read about a person who is prepared to give up a large slice of profit to defend the rights of his employee.

If everyone behaved like Lee, both in the workplace and elsewhere, the world would truly be a better and more friendly place for everyone.

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