This 6-year-old boy contacted the police because he felt lonely and wanted company -
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This 6-year-old boy contacted the police…
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This 6-year-old boy contacted the police because he felt lonely and wanted company

May 22, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

People usually contact law enforcement if they need help, or if they are in a difficult situation which they cannot resolve on their own, but certainly not to just ask for company. But that's not always the way things turn out. We are going to tell you, a very emotional tale in which the subject of the story contacted the police because he felt lonely. That's right - simply because he felt lonely.

This child dialed the only number he knew and called the police. Let's see how things went and how the adults behaved in this case.

#GoodNews Here’s Officer Joe White & his new friend who called 911 without his mom knowing. Officer White arrived on...

Pubblicato da City of Tallahassee Police Department su Martedì 7 maggio 2019

During a shift like so many others, Joe White, a police officer from the Tallahassee department, received a call from a 6-year-old boy. But this was no emergency to be dealt with by the policeman, but was only a request for company by a young child. As White himself said, the little boy's only words were that he felt very lonely and had contacted the only number he knew.

Usually, when law enforcement is contacted for no reason, the abuse is subject to a fine and considered a crime. This was not applied in this case. Partly because the caller was a child, and partly because officer White took the opportunity to teach the little one a useful lesson.

The man explained to to the child that the number he had called was only used in emergencies and not to call up asking for company. This was not a reproach, but an opportunity to teach the child something that would be useful to him throughout his life. While this was all happening, the officer allowed the little boy to sit in his police car with his stuffed animal and turn on the sirens.

This was a truly touching moment, considering also that the little boy asked the officer to become friends and the policeman obviously accepted. A day that had started badly for the child had completely transformed itself: he had found a friend, turned on the sirens in a real police car and had learned a very important lesson.


And the same goes for officer White who, instead of reacting badly to false alarm call (since nothing serious had happened), still decided to spend some time with the lonely child. This was a moving and emotional gesture that was made known by the police department on their official channels and that touched the whole internet.

Congratulations to this officer for helping this child and for making us realize, once again, that to make a person happy can often be a very simple thing to do. Sometimes a smile, a word, a caress and a little company are enough to change someone's day.


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