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Wife reveals that she is expecting their…
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Wife reveals that she is expecting their third girl and her husband does not take this well: he wanted a boy

May 27, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

What do you prefer having: a boy or a girl? This is a question that is often heard when a couple is pregnant. Many state no preference and accept the child whatever the gender they turn out to be. After all, as many answer, it is a blessing and should be greeted with joy and positivity. But there are some cases, in which the situation could escalate if one of the two parents is disappointed by the gender of their unborn child. And this is something that happened a while ago in the home of TikTok user @kc.fulton.

In a video posted to the social network platform, we see mom, dad and two wonderful, little girls waiting to find out if the baby on the way would be a boy or a girl. And, apparently, the revelation was not at all taken very well by the father. Here is how things went:

The story concerns parents who, after having already given birth to two beautiful girls, were expecting their third child. And here comes the critical question: will the infant be male or female? The two parents were kept in the dark until the video posted to TikTok was filmed, but it seems, at least for one of them, that their hopes were dashed. Why? Let's find out:

The video begins with the whole family in front of the camera holding what was supposed to be a small celebration ceremony (also known as "reveal parties") for the baby who was on its way. In the images, you can see the girls' mother holding an umbrella. All are anxiously awaiting the reveal, especially the father. Everyone seems excited and curious to find out and rejoice at the revealing of the gender of the unborn child - but when this happens, not everyone reacts with joy.

A few seconds from the start of the video, the woman opens the umbrella and the four of them are showered by a cascade of pink confetti announcing a third girl will join the family. But the husband does not take this reveal very well. Immediately on his face, we can see a disappointed and disapproving grimace appear, and without even taking into account the presence of his young daughters, he also begins to swear.

Confronted by this scene, the relatives present and filming the event did not say anything, but the wife cannot stop laughing. Maybe out of nervousness? Or to make light of her husband's reaction? We do not know, but the fact is that he just did not want another girl and he hoped with all his heart they were having a son.


The video soon went viral on the web and garnered a high number of views and comments. Many followers did not condone the man's reaction at all - on the contrary, they criticized him a lot, saying that he could have been a bit more discrete about his disappointment.

Nobody questions his preferences and his desire to have a boy, but a highly visible reaction like this is somewhat inappropriate, and this is what the followers have focused on.

Have you ever witnessed a similar scene? Or maybe you yourself were the perpetrator because you too hoped for something that ultimately did not happen?


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