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A kind stewardess steps in to calm the…
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A kind stewardess steps in to calm the son of a passenger who was having a tantrum

May 14, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Traveling has now become much easier as thousands of flights connect even the most distant cities every day. Of course, many hours of flight can be exhausting for anyone, especially children, who are forced to limit their games and their play areas. But on the other hand, a parent cannot simply leave their child at home, especially if they do not have the possibility of having them stay with their grandparents. So what can be done? You could take the child with you, but then also run the risk that, during a 6-hour journey, your child will have a tantrum. This is what happened to a father, who had tried to take all possible precautions for a flight, but his son began to cry desperately and throw a tantrum. At this point, a very kind hostess intervened to save the situation.

Many people believe that flights should ban small children and infants, forgetting that, in addition to pleasure, one may be flying due to a pressing necessity. What should parents do? Just leave their children at home with no caretakers? In most cases, this turns out to be an impossible option. In this story, a father had to deal with his son's tantrums, during an internal flight from Brasilia to Cuiabá, Brazil. The little boy began to cry desperately because he couldn't play and his father, equally desperate, didn't know how to calm him down. In these situations, other passengers can start to get annoyed by the constant shouting which grate on their nerves and turns their trip into a nightmare.

Luckily, a very kind hostess didn't hesitate to help this desperate dad, picking up the child and cradling him until he calmed down. As soon as she hugged the infant, the baby stopped crying and calmed down, and slowly started to fall asleep.

This was a truly amazing scene, which was shot by pastor Raphael Achilles and then published to Instagram, where the video reached 150 thousand views in short order. Raphael Achilles himself commented: "A beautiful baby was with his father and cried a lot, until the time the stewardess approached him and brought him some stickers to play with, even though the baby continued to cry; then she brought some toys, but he didn't stop crying, and, to my great surprise, she picked him up and stayed holding him in her arms for a while, until the child fell asleep. "

Instead of complaining and taking it out on the passenger, this stewardess showed all her empathy and understanding of the difficult situation, and managed to calm the little one thanks to her sweet nature. Her job is to help passengers feel at ease during the flight and her intervention was absolutely spot on in this incident. Well done!


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