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A mother who installed a vending machine…
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A mother who installed a vending machine at home to prevent her children from always eating unhealthy snacks

By Alison Forde

The lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic has put a strain on everyone's life. One of the aspects that has suffered most from the period of forced quarantine is the daily life of little ones.

Children, adolescents and older kids have had to revolutionize their habits, not without effort and sacrifice. Social distancing and distance learning have made children lazy, and parents have had to invent new ways to keep them well behaved and occupied.

This story from a Northumberland family from the UK is definitely worth telling. During the time when it wasn't possible to go out, Sarah Balsdon, a proud mother of 4, had to jump through hoops to keep them in check. 9-year-old Shannon, 8-year-old Lucy, 5-year-old Jack and 2-year-old Elijah had transformed from mum's joys into the "horsemen of the apocalypse". In fact, boredom and seclusion led them to develop unhealthy eating habits. The four of them never stopped eating snacks at all hours of the day.

Not even the woman's attempts to hide the food helped. The kids still managed to find her hiding places and plunder them. At the beginning this made her smile and seemed a bit of a joke. 

However, Sarah began to fear for her childrens health. She worried that they might develop real eating disorders. To solve the problem she had a brilliant and very original idea. She installed a vending machine in the house and filled it with the kids' favorite snacks.


To get their favorite snack, however, they have to insert coins, which they can earn by doing little chores around the house. For fun, the woman published the photo of the new accessory on her Facebook page. To her surprise, the vnding machine idea received a lot of shares and her post went viral.

Sarah is the concrete proof of what is called "lateral thinking", that is the ability to look at problems from a different perspective. In general, we could also say that as a good mother she simply made a virtue of necessity. Who else would have come up with such a stroke of genius ?!


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