Little girl waits every week for the garbage man to greet him: he reciprocates, smiles at her and becomes her "hero"

by Mark Bennett

May 15, 2022

Little girl waits every week for the garbage man to greet him: he reciprocates, smiles at her and becomes her "hero"

What is the thing that children do best? Amazing us, is the answer! Without a shadow of a doubt, one gift that the little ones have is that of acting unexpectedly and surprising us - almost always in a positive way. The little subject of this story does not contradict this fact of life - on the contrary, she is a clear confirmation and example of it.

This little girl, (named Brooklyn) with a very simple gesture, has managed to fill the hearts with joy of all those who have come to know about her. At just 2 years old, the child had a custom that took place every Thursday morning: she would go to a window of her house, wait for garbage collection truck, and greet the worker who drove it. This is a recent habit that the little girl has adopted, but has now become a habit for the child - a habit that has made the garbage worker feel a flood of positive emotions. Let's find out more about this story together:

via Facebook/City of Bloomington


Brooklyn's mom said her daughter would stand at the window of her house every Thursday morning waiting for the garbage truck to pass. Why? Just to say hello to her "hero" - the driver of the truck.

That's right - typically each of us, when we were children, chose themselves a hero. Anyone, and for any reason, can become a hero in an infant's eyes, and in this case, little Brooklyn has chosen a very normal person who knew how to give her a big smile and a sincere greeting in return.


Booklyn's mother said: "My heart fills with joy when I see my baby smile. When the garbage truck passes in front of our house, he honks and greets Brooklyn with a huge smile. She is happy when he greets her, and I know that she will be happy for the rest of the day." This custom went on for about a year, and it started on Brooklyn's birthday which, by sheer coincidence, fell on Thursday - the day the garbage is collected in her neighborhood.

So what better occasion to give the infant a treat and allow her to finally meet the man she waited for every week? Well, when the worker passed one day (which was also Brooklyn's birthday) the child wasn't at the window, but she was waiting for him in the street with her mom and a birthday cupcake to give him. "I signalled him to stop and come over to us. He didn't think twice and immediately stopped his truck and joined us".

On meeting, the child's mother discovered that the worker was called Delvar Dopson and that, like her daughter, he also anxiously awaited every Thursday morning to greet Brooklyn. The man has no children, but he loves children and for this reason he was grateful that he could make little Brooklyn happy by returning her greetings every Thursday. Their "story" did not end that day, and now Brooklyn's family has built a strong relationship with Delvar.

Brooklyn's mother stated: "After the first meeting, and while we were on the way to kindergarten my child looked at me and told me she was happy. And it was thanks to that kind man". In the months to come, Devlar has proven even more kind and generous by giving the little girl a bunch of small gifts. This is a friendship that he did not in any way forsee as happening, and it has become stronger and deeper over time.

Get ready to smile... :) For those of you that remember the story from early this year about our Public Works employee,...

Pubblicato da City of Bloomington, Illinois su Venerdì 7 ottobre 2016

"Thank you for the joy you bring to Brooklyn every Thursday morning. It means so much to us. Thank you, Delvar, for your kindness!" - with these words Brooklyn's mother publicly thanked the man who had been so kind to her little girl.

Many people admired and commented on this unusual friendship and perhaps they too will be inspired by Delvar and start to copy his actions. Fundamentally, this fact is true: in life you don't have to make huge efforts to give someone some happiness - often a smile and a simple greeting are enough to improve a person's life.