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He loses his wallet in a taxi and 7…
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He loses his wallet in a taxi and 7 years later it is returned to him: not a cent was missing

May 07, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Have you ever lost your wallet? If the answer is yes, you know very well how annoying it can be and how many problems can arise from this unfortunate event. In fact, losing such an object does not only involve the loss of the money contained within it, but also, and above all, all of the important, hard-to-replace cards, IDs, etc. This initial bad luck, however, could be mitigated if the person in question manages to find the wallet quickly and without anything found to be missing. If this happens immediately, that’s great - but if not, all hope is usually lost and the commitment to keep searching for the missing wallet evaporates.

But sometimes there are exceptions that prove the rule, and it could happen that after a really long time, a lost wallet is found. But with all its content intact? It seems almost impossible that this could happen, but not for the man we're about to tell you about here. After 7 years, he recovered his lost wallet and everything was still inside, waiting for him. Don't believe it? We explain here how things developed:

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Andy Evans is a 45-year-old man from Wythenshawe (near Manchester, UK) who, a few days ago, had a package delivered to his home. When he opened it up, him he found a brown, leather wallet that left him dumbfounded for a moment.

Recovering, and once he was sure what he was seeing what he was seeing, everything returned to his mind in a rush: 7 years earlier, after attending a concert in Manchester in 2015, the man had lost his wallet in a taxi and had given up all hope of ever finding it. Imagine this surprise: nobody would have believed their eyes, but Andy really had got back his long-lost wallet.

The 45 year old man said: "It can't be! I didn't believe it! I couldn't believe it. I didn't think about the wallet at all anymore and, in fact, it took me some time to remember the whole incident. Then, when I finally remembered the event, I called my brother and told him what had just happened. He immediately remembered the loss of the wallet because that evening he had lent me some money, since I didn't have any on me at the time".

What is certain is that, after hearing this story, many of Andy's acquaintances did not believe him. How could they, after all, given the "unusual" situation in which Andy found himself. In addition, the truly incredible thing was not so much having the wallet delivered, but finding that all the contents - banknotes, cards, coins - were all in order and in place as if time had stopped 7 years ago.

But the surprises for Andy weren't over. Along with the package containing the wallet and all the extras, a note was also present on which the following words were written: "This wallet was found in an old taxi. It seems to me that everything is in its place and I hope you find all your belongings. I wish you the best. Signed: a Manchester taxi driver."


Of course, Andy immediately wrote a thank you email to the address indicated on the note. He also tried to give the kindly taxi driver a reward, but he refused, replying that he did not return the wallet to get a reward, but only to do the right thing. Andy said: "I asked him to meet up to have a coffee together. I wanted to meet him in person and shake his hand".

We do not know if Andy has succeeded in this intention, but we are sure of one thing: gestures of this kind encourage us and give us the ability to hope for a better world. Have you ever experienced a similar and unbelievable situation?


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