Young woman is disowned by her religious parents because of her choices: 9 years later, they ask her for help - but she refuses -
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Young woman is disowned by her religious…
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Young woman is disowned by her religious parents because of her choices: 9 years later, they ask her for help - but she refuses

May 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Parents and children often come into conflict when the kids start to grow up and reach adolescence and sometimes the wounds inflicted in these conflicts are lasting. A girl told her story on Reddit - about how she emancipated herself from her extremely religious parents in order to make free choices for herself and how this action led her parents to disown her as their daughter. Many years later, however, her mother and father called her to ask her for help. They needed financial support to cover their medical and daily expenses, since both had been declared bankrupt. The girl, after living without any contact from her parents for 9 years, refused to help them. This is a multi-faceted story, in which passing a judgement is extremely difficult ...

via: Reddit

The girl told her story on Reddit, starting from the beginning: "I'm 28 and was raised by super religious parents. It was a real struggle to be able to get permission to go to a regular college and not a Christian one with their weird rules. If I did so, my parents told me they wouldn't pay for my education until I got back on track." Needless to say, from that moment on, the young woman had to fend for herself, trying to support herself and pay for her studies independently. Fortunately for her, after a really difficult couple of months, a friend recommended a club where she could go to work as a dancer. "I have been dancing all my life and have a good body, so I was hired pretty quickly," said the young woman.

The girl also admitted that the job at the night club allowed her to earn a lot of money - enough to convince her to leave college after a while: "A few months later I dropped out of college because I was earning a lot (about $ 3,000 for a bad week, and up to $ 11,000 for a really good one) ". Of course, her parents and her entire family, with the exception of a couple of cousins, officially disowned her. So, how did that work out for them? No so well, it turns out: after 9 years, the girl has already finished paying off her mortgage and owns a house of her own, has a Tesla, has no debt and even owns an entire condominium that she rents out to earn more, since "being a dancer in clubs is not a job that can last forever." Around this time, her parents suddenly turned up to ask her for help: they both suffer from health problems and her father lost his business during the Covid-19 pandemic. They were in such trouble that they are now living in an old camper van.


The girl, however, refused to help them: "I told them no, and that I no longer have parents. And also, according to their religion and their church, my money was earned by sinning, so using it means condemning their soul in hell and I really don't want this for them. My mom started crying and my dad said they didn't know where they went wrong with me. "

Since that moment, the young woman has not heard from her parents, although a couple of aunts tried to convince her that "a family helps each other out". But these aunts both immediately changed their tune as soon as the girl asked them why they were not helping her parents themselves. Although the girl feels she is in the right, she still questioned her own behavior after refusing to help her mother and her father. Most Reddit users have supported and comforted her, believing that she did the right thing.

What do you think? What would you have done if you were in this young woman's shoes?

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