Mom with 8 kids reveals: "I've been pregnant for almost 12 years straight!" -
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Mom with 8 kids reveals: "I've been…
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Mom with 8 kids reveals: "I've been pregnant for almost 12 years straight!"

May 27, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Motherhood is something that is experienced differently by every woman. There are those who can't wait to give birth to their second child and those who, on the other hand, are happy enough to have just one and would never submit to having another child ever again. After all, 9 long months of pregnancy plus labor can be too much of a challenge for some women. Then there are mothers like "Ms Kora", a resident of Las Vegas with her wonderful family of 8 children. How did she do this? Simple - by being pregnant for nearly 12 years continuously! She reveals this in a very entertaining video that she herself posted to Instagram.

For this super-mom it must not have been easy to manage 8 pregnancies - to be honest, even a few pregnancies unfortunately ended in miscarriages. She has been almost continually pregnant for 12 years, but the joy she gets today from her children is undeniable. In the cute video she posted to her Instagram account, "Ms Kora" reveals that she has been pregnant for almost 12 years without a reprieve. The evidence of this fact? Well, her children of course: in the video, you can see them as they parade by, one by one, in front of the camera, laughing their heads off.

"Ms Kora" is a mother to 5 boys and 3 girls, and she couldn't be prouder. Her eldest son is 20 years old, which is why many of her followers have raised the question of "chronological age": for her followers, Kora seems too young to have a child of that age!

To be honest, there have been many of her followers who say she looks younger than her eldest child: "You look younger than your 20-year-old son!" or even "You don't look like their mom, but their sister!". Still, this super mom was constantly pregnant from 2000 to 2012! In her video on Instagram you can see all of her children, now grown up, parading one by one past the camera, just as if they were parading on a modelling catwalk. The 18 million followers who viewed the video were simply amazed, especially by Kora's physical appearance. Probably, as the woman herself states in her videos, her frequent physical exercising has helped her a lot to keep fit and overcome all challenges of her pregnancies.

What can we say? Congratulations to this super mom!


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