How mature adults and youth act in a…
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How mature adults and youth act in a restaurant: a waitress's video shows us

May 05, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Showing respect is a very broad concept, which brings with it many facets and implies a large number of actions to be able to put it into practice. Without wishing to give two examples which are too striking, to show respect to a person in any situation, usually takes very little effort. A young woman, who posted a video to Tik Tok, wanted to prove just that.

In the she took, you can see two tables in the same restaurant left in completely different ways by two groups of customers. Let's see what happened and why the young woman decided to put her video on the web.

Kaitlyn Brande is an 18 year old young woman who works as a waitress in a restaurant. One day, while she was carrying out her usual duties, she found herself faced by two completely different scenes. Side by side, there were two tables that looked quite different: one was in total disorder, the other was neat, with all the plates neatly arranged one on top of the other.

From the images it is clear that both tables had just hosted some customers, but while one was definitely a total mess, the other was not. So what did Kaitlyn focus on the most? The fact that the table in disorder had been occupied by adults, while the other - the neat one - by a group of young people.

The waitress said: "I don't want to say that the customers of the restaurant should worry about the state of their table, mind you. I too am on the other side from time to time, and when I finish dinner I have no desire to clear my plates away, but this juxtaposition made me smile and I thought I'd immortalize it in a video."

We often hear about how young kids today act in a selfish and superficial way, while, at least in theory, adults do things differently, respectfully. In this case it wasn't like that at all and Kaitlyn wanted to highlight this fact. She continued: "It may seem silly, but that little gesture was important to me; the young people helped me and I cleaned up their table more quickly".

Of course, the customers of a restaurant or a bar are not expected to always do this - after all they also pay to receive this type of service, but we are sure that Kaitlyn has gone public with her video to emphasize how often the judgements of some about young people in particular, are wrong and prejudicial. "It seemed very ironic to me, because grownups always ask for respect, but they too can make mistakes," she said. In this way, the waitress has tried to dispel some of the negative myths which circulate about young people and their so-called, general lack of respect.

Hopefully, Kaitlyn’s video will get some people to think twice before they pass judgement on others - especially towards young people.

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