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"Three months after giving birth to…
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"Three months after giving birth to twins, I found out I was pregnant with twins again"

April 26, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

There are women who can't wait to get pregnant and who would like to quickly get past the 9 months of pregnancy and childbirth and get pregnant again. And they want to do this without thinking too much about the various complications, risks and discomforts that accompany the period in which they are pregnant. A woman named "bae_favvy1" on TikTok shared her incredible story: three months after having given birth to twins, she discovered she was pregnant again with ... another set of twins! How likely was it that this could happen? The woman tried to take the event philosophically and also with a good dose of irony, sharing the news in a video on her TikTok channel.

"Three months after having my twins, I am again two months pregnant with other set of twins ...", is what we see in the video in which this young mother announces the good news, while holding her two, beautiful twins. There are couples who want to have children but are unfortunately unable to conceive and, for this reason, they resort to alternative methods; then, there are cases like that of "bae_favvy1", who, after only 3 months after giving birth, discovered she was pregnant again.

The video was seen by more than 3 million users, who complimented the new mother, reminding her of all the positives of this new, unexpected pregnancy: "Just think, you will have 4 babies from only 2 pregnancies! They will grow up quickly and you will have a big, beautiful family! ". In fact, it might be useful to think like this! And this was a thought that has been shared by more than one user: "I think so too ... because I would love to have a big family, but I don't want to be pregnant". As already mentioned, in fact, the period of pregnancy is not a walk in the park and many women would prefer to simply skip this challenging step.

In any case, many congratulated the young new mother. Some of her have warned her, ironically, about what her future holds (at least in the short term): "Get ready, because you will never sleep again", or: "Why did you do such a thing to yourself ?!".


Another person joked about the pregnancy: "Those who are congratulating you have clearly never had twins! After 29 weeks, I couldn't bear to do it again!".

For sure it won't be easy to manage such a closely following second pregnancy and dealing with two pairs of twins, but we are sure that this mom will soon have a big and beautiful family to be proud of!

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