Parents wake up to find the house covered in black paint: their daughters had been "practising their painting" -
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Parents wake up to find the house covered…
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Parents wake up to find the house covered in black paint: their daughters had been "practising their painting"

April 18, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Imagine waking up on a Sunday morning and finding yourself in the living room with the walls smeared with black paint. And just such an unpleasant awakening happened to Kerry Jones, 22, who was woken by a shout from her partner, Callum Sheriff Johnson, ranting about the defaced walls. The culprits? Their 2 and 4 year old daughters - who were smeared with paint from head to toe. The spouses viewed the disastrous scene and couldn't believe they had found their little daughters up and awake so early and playing with paint in the living room. All parents should aim to enhance their children's abilities and take care to encourage their interests - but if very young children seem interested in painting, then maybe it's time to hide the paint cans from them!

Callum, Kerry's partner, was furious, to say the least: "They must have been playing with the paint for at least an hour. The eldest was busy making handprints everywhere and the youngest was busy destroying the whole house. Clearly, they had planned everything in their bedroom." The girls, of course, defended themselves by saying that they hadn't done anything wrong, even if the reality was quite the opposite: the £4,000 pounds ($5,200 dollars) that the couple had spent to redecorate their home a few months earlier, now was a complete waste, caused by the disaster wrought by these two small "pests".

Kerry was speechless in the face of the disaster: "I didn't say anything, I couldn't. My mouth just dropped open and tears started running down my face. I was in shock," Kerry recalled. 
Facebook users, however, couldn't help but be amused by this little family tragedy, with its comical nature. Nevertheless, they still tried to comfort the distraught mother.
Most likely, little Lacie-Rae, who was experimenting with hand painting at school at the time, wanted to replicate the same experience at home - not on just a sheet of paper, of course, but on all the walls of the house! Mom Kerry suspects that the child climbed onto a chair to open the door to a cupboard where she would have access to the "easy to open" paint cans.

Kerry and Callum can say goodbye to their new £75 pound rug, a coffee table and the sofa, and they now have all the walls of the home to repaint too.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), children are a real force of nature and it is normal to find oneself in a messy house or some other unexpected "trouble" when one has children. Rage is fleeting, because when seeing the sad, forlorn look of a child who has been chastised, one cannot keep being angry for too long. We are confident that Kerry and Callum, despite the initial shock, have overcome the disaster!


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