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Woman goes to the hospital for an alleged…
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Woman goes to the hospital for an alleged infection and discovers she is pregnant: a few hours later she returns home with a newborn

April 19, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Many will wonder how it is possible to mistake a pregnancy for an illness, yet Rachael Fogarty, a 29-year-old woman, had assumed she was not pregnant. The woman had complained of abdominal and back pain while she was at work - pains that eventually forced her to go home. That night, Rachael could not sleep and the next day her father took her to the hospital - both of them convinced that the young woman had some kind of kidney infection. Initially, the doctors could not make a precise diagnosis, not even after getting a description of Rachael's symptoms. But after a gynecological check-up everything became much clearer: Rachael was about to give birth!

Was she pregnant? Yes. Did she know? Absolutely not.

Rachael didn't know what was happening to her body, but the signals it sent her seemed to suggest some kind of kidney infection more than anything else. In any case, she certainly did not believe she would be going to the hospital and returning home with a baby in her arms. But that's exactly what happened to this girl from Liverpool, UK, who she didn't even know she was pregnant. Rachael and her partner have been together for 10 years and nothing like this had ever happened before. The gynecologist who visited her, and who dispelled any doubts about her condition, asked her: "Are you sure you are not pregnant?" "I cannot be pregnant," Rachael replied shocked. "Well, I can hear your baby and he's on his way, so are you absolutely sure?" the doctor insisted, as Rachael's beliefs crumbled: "I'm sure I'm not", replied Rachael, but with a lot less conviction this time.

Rachael was probably more than 37 weeks pregnant, but she hadn't realized anything because, as she herself said, she suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, which is why she goes for long a time without having a period. Nine months without a period? This type of anomaly was normal for her due to her condition.

Rachael’s parents were delighted to welcome their first grandchild and even Rachael's partner, who was initially stunned, immediately opened his heart to little James. They did not imagine that after 10 years of being together they would become parents in this way. Rachael didn't even have a couple of days to process the news that she was pregnant as she birth almost immediately after finding out that she was. Now she believes that James is still the best thing that has ever happened to her and her partner.

What an unbelievable story! Now, we wish this wonderful family all the best for the future.


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