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A couple decide to take a DNA test for…
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A couple decide to take a DNA test for fun and discover that they are first cousins

May 02, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Have you ever been tempted by the idea of taking a DNA test to find out a little more about your past? Sometimes, some people do exactly this. For example, in cases of adoption, some want to discover the identity of their real parents; for others, it is just to find out more about their family tree.

A similar thing was done by the subjects of this story. For them, it all started as a game, but it turned into something much more serious.

via: Reddit

Some time ago, a man posted his story on Reddit, where he said he gave his wife a DNA test for fun.

User @u / PM_MeMyPassword said: "My wife and her sister wanted to know a little more about their European origins, so I decided to give them a home DNA test. My wife and I recently got married. We come from previous marriages during which, each of us had three children. We met late in life, and we have always lived in the same town, as did our families. When my wife took the test, we discovered something totally unexpected. The results highlighted links that connected our respective families of origin", explained the man.

Since the situation was not very clear, the couple undertook further tests in a laboratory and asked their mothers for an explanation. One of the mothers confessed that she had learned some disconcerting truths about the past and, little by little, the bonds that bound the couple surfaced. What did they finally discover? They found out that they are actually first cousins.

This bombshell could have destoryed their relationship, but luckily, love has overcome this obstacle. The couple did not break up and the husband and wife remain together, despite their recent, disturbing discovery.

The story, published on Reddit, got a very high number of views and, in particular, garnered many comments. Many have told of having experienced a similar situation and having discovered that they have are related their partner in some familial way.

For two cousins to get married is, in fact, not so rare. Sometimes, the relationship between two people belonging to the same family tree is so strong and deep that it leads to them falling in love. In this case, it was a total surprise which, fortunately, did not upset the couple's daily life too much.

And you? Have you ever had a similar experience or have you heard about one from friends and acquaintances? If so, tell us your story in the comments.

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