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Woman is invited to dinner at a friend's…
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Woman is invited to dinner at a friend's house, but at the end of the evening they ask her to settle "her bill": $22 dollars

April 25, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When you receive a dinner invitation to a friend's house, it is certainly polite to show up with a bottle of wine or a small gift, perhaps a plant, depending on the occasion you are about to celebrate. In any case, even when you are invited to a simple dinner, where there is no need to celebrate a particular event, you would never expect to receive a request like the one Amber Nelson was faced with. Towards the end of the evening, the woman was asked to settle the dinner bill, just as if she were in a restaurant. Amber was so shocked by this turn of events that she asked for advice from users on the web: "Does this seem normal to you?" User comments, of course, were not long in coming.

via: Mirror

Californian Amber Nelson hosts a popular podcast and, during a live broadcast, she told all about her experience with some friends who had invited her to dinner. Amber, after being invited to dinner, said she ate two portions of penne with vodka and that, at the end of the evening, she received a notification on Venmo (an American mobile phone payment service). Her friends had asked her to pay her bill: $22 dollars for dinner, thank you! Amber was stunned by the request and she hasn't had any contact with these people ever since. During her podcast, she asked for the opinion of her audience, who agreed with her: "I was invited to someone's house - not a restaurant, their home - for dinner and they charged me for what I ate… it's weird, right?" .

Apparently, however, Amber was not the only one to find herself in this bizarre situation: many followwer, in fact, shared their experiences on this same issue, reporting equally embarrassing examples. A follower wrote: "Once a friend invited me to dinner and didn't offer me a drink because I didn't bring any alcohol. My fault, I guess, for not being polite and not showing up with wine or something like that, but it's weird anyway, right…? I stood there drinking water, while she was having a Manhattan." Another person revealed: "A group of friends invited me to an outdoor party at a work colleague's house. When we got there they came up and asked for $5 dollars per person. If you didn't pay, you couldn't use the bathroom."

It is difficult to choose which of these "offers" is the least attractive and the most rude. The fact is that some people have no qualms about making certain requests. What do you think? If a friend invites you to dinner, do you expect to "pay the bill" at the end of the evening?

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