Teenager locks himself in to stop his…
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Teenager locks himself in to stop his mother from waking him at 4:30 am: "Am I wrong?"

April 06, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Sleeping is essential for our bodies - we need to rest and recover the energy to face a new day. Nonetheless, we often and willingly do not allow ourselves all the hours of rest necessary to satisfy our needs. Partly, this can be because in the evening, we stay up watching TV, reading or checking social media from our mobile phones - partly this can because there are so many commitments during the day and only by going to sleep do we find a way to relax. Why, then, does the mother of the subject of this story persist in waking him at 4:30am in the morning? This poor boy - a 18-year-old in the last year of school - is exhausted from this routine and has decided to resort to a simple solution: to lock the door to his room with a key. And this is a solution that, as expected, did not please his mother at all.

via: Reddit

The young man turned to Reddit users to get an outside opinion on his story. The boy goes to school at around the same time every morning, and he has to be in his classroom by 7:15 am. Fortunately, his home is only a 5-minute walk from the school, which is why he can wake up at 6:00 am and be ready to leave the house by 7:05 am. Leaving at this hour,  he is able to be on time for the start of his classes. His mother, however, is not of this opinion and she continues to wake him at 4:30am in the morning, even if it is torture for her son. And why does she do this? The mother claims she wants to get her son used to an "adult schedule", which, according to her experience, means waking up early every day. The boy knows very well that this is not true, but above all he has let his mother know that it makes no sense for him to wake up so early every day: "It's already difficult for me to get up at 6am; at 4:30am, it's nearly impossible," wrote the boy.

In any case, the young man told his mother several times that he couldn't tolerate being woken up so early, but this never prevented her from entering his room and waking him up every day. Tired of this "torture", the boy began to protect himself and reclaim his sleeping time by locking himself in his room. The day after doing this for the first time, the boy woke up fully rested and ready to go to school. His mother, however, scolded him, arguing that what he had done was a great show of a lack of respect for her.

What do you think of this story? Is it right that the mother expects her son to get used to an early-riser schedule? Write to us in the comments!

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