Passengers sing a song to a child who kept crying on a 6-hour flight -
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Passengers sing a song to a child who…
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Passengers sing a song to a child who kept crying on a 6-hour flight

March 31, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

It is not easy to calm small children when they find themselves in a situation or context that seems unsafe to them, or risky, or unfamiliar. Younger children, especially in their infant period, tend to get nervous easily, even for the most trivial things, and then they will start crying for mom and dad. It then becomes a real challenge to make them stop crying, often in vain. So what can be done to calm a child when they are particularly upset and just can't stop crying? This very touching story certainly tries to provide an answer ... a unique one, at that!

The story we want to tell you today took place on a plane flight that was flying from Dubai to Albania - a flight that would have lasted at least 6 hours. This is enough time for a very young child to easily get upset, complain and then burst into tears without stopping. A situation that is certainly not easy for the two parents of the little one on board, but also very irritating for all passengers on board the Dubai-Albania airline.

And the same passengers, who instead could certainly have complained about the noise on the plane, instead put into practice an unexpected gesture of kindness that moved everyone, including the user who recorded the very tender moment at board the airplane on his TikTok profile.

The passengers, who had noticed for some time that the child was particularly upset and no longer wanted to sit in his seat, began to sing a famous children's song entitled "Baby Shark", to try to calm him down. and it seems that this real "singing" experiment worked perfectly after only a few minutes!

As the user told TikTok after posting the short video, "A baby crying on the plane? No problem with this tactic! Before, one by one, the people sitting around him tried to distract him, but when nothing had worked, a bunch of kids including me started singing Baby Shark and more people joined our choir! "


And judging by the short scene posted on TikTok, it seems that the little impromptu experiment worked great; in the images it is possible to see the child in the arms of his father who stops crying and complaining in a flash when he realizes that all the passengers around him are singing one of his favorite songs.

A moment of rare sweetness that certainly did not go unnoticed and that has been shared millions of times over the web. You can see the original video here.


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