Younger son confronts his parents: "You bought my brother a car at 18, but not for me"

Mark Bennett

April 08, 2022

Younger son confronts his parents:

When you are the parents of two or more children, it can happen that favoritism develops, favouring one child over the other and starting a behavior within the family nucleus could a lot of conflict. As a rule, every mom and dad knows that there should be no preferences shown for, for example, an older child, simply because they are the firstborn, or for a younger child simply because they were the most recently born, yet there are many parents who shamelessly show favouritism that can really undermine the relationship of trust between them and their children. And this is exactly what happened to the boy in this story who wanted to share his unpleasant family experience on Reddit.

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This is what this upset kid said about his parents on Reddit: "My brother got a car for his 18th birthday. Not a new car or anything. It was a 20 year old Lexus that was in good condition, and he rubbed my face in it for the rest of his senior year at high school. Compared to my brother, I get grades just as good as he does - better than he does in some cases. I worked hard hoping to get a reward similar to the one he had got. Then, my 18th birthday came and the only thing I wanted - the only thing I was hoping for - was a car. I didn't expect something like a new car or a sports car - just something reliable like the car my brother had been given. But my party was nothing like my brother's 18th birthday. For his 18th birthday party, my mother made the birthday cake herself - a delicious, chocolate layered cake: for me it was a cake that she bought at the supermarket; for my brother they hired a DJ - for me, it was my dad's old boombox with a couple of mixed CDs. I spent the whole time at the party thinking my parents were going to give me a surprise gift later. But it never happened ... "

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The boy then said that, at the end of his birthday party, he confronted his parents in front of all the invited guests and relatives. He claimed they had spent much more on his older brother - with a homemade cake, a DJ and a used car used for gifts - but there was nothing like this for him. His parents explained to him that they had organized his brother's party in the way they did because they thought he deserved it more thanks to his school results - which was not true at all. All the boy's relatives took to the boy's defense, accusing the parents of "favoritism".

After a few days, the boy's mother and father gave him the keys to a used white Subaru Legacy 98, now regretting having made a show of favoritism without them having done so consciously. The author of the story ended with this statement: "I know that a car is not really a right, but a privilege, so I feel like I have essentially blackmailed my parents into giving me one. I was the villain of this situation. What do you think?"

Many of the Reddit users who have read this story have taken to the defense of the younger son who only wanted a little fairness in the treatment from his parents. How would you have reacted in such a situation?