Husband falls ill and wife takes him…
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Husband falls ill and wife takes him to his mother's house: "He needs a mother, not a wife"

March 27, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When a husband catches the seasonal flu, his wife already knows they both will have to go through all sorts of melodrama. Yes indeed, it seems that it is an absolutely well known and established fact that men tend to be particularly difficult, needy and exasperating when they are sick; it almost seems that, as soon as a man has a simple cold, the "head" of the house needs constant assistance and attention, even for the most trivial of things. And this is bit like what happened to this woman who told her about her experience with her sick husband on Reddit. This was an experience bordering on the absurd, especially when he begged her to come home from work just to turn on the heaters or make a pot of soup...

via: Mirror UK

Here is what the woman said: "He got sick and had the flu two days ago and, even though I took care of him, fed him every day, I brought him medicines, cleaned up his vomit and on and on , he called me while I was at work and asked me to come home just to reheat his soup or adjust the heating in his room." Incredibly, after the woman had gone to work (her husband who was sick at home was unemployed at that time), he called her three times to ask her to come home to help him. After all this harrassment on the phone, the wife eventually saw red and she decided to ignore his calls.

Soon after, she got a call from her mother-in-law: "She called me and told me off. She said that I was a horrible person for not leaving work and going home to see what her sick son needed. I explained to her what I was doing, but he still said I was wrong not to respond to all his calls." The wife was furious about what had happened with her mother-in-law, so she went home, put her sick husband into the car and took him over to the home of his mother.

As his exasperated wife later recounted, "My mother-in-law greeted us at the door with a confused expression. I told her that her sick son needs his mother, not a wife right now. I told her to take care of him until he was well and then he could come home. My mother-in-law started yelling at me saying 'Sharon come back here!' but I left without even turning around. My husband kept looking at me in an astonished thinking I had probably gone crazy. "

Although many relatives of the wife have scolded her about her actions, that are not in keeping with the situation (and perhaps she went a bit too far), she did not apologise and defended her decision to take her husband to his mother's house. Do you think she made the right choice?


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