Mother picks up her daughter from kindergarten…
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Mother picks up her daughter from kindergarten and notices scotch tape on her feet: "It's to keep her from losing her socks"

March 22, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Having children is a unique experience for so many people, even if it's not always all sunshine and roses in a parent's life. Similarly, it can be stressful for a kindergarten teacher, for example, to keep lots of children under control and make sure everyone is okay and safe. Clearly, this does not justify the use of means and stratagems that are not appropriate for the environment and the situation in which one finds oneself. For example, a mother, after picking up her little daughter from kindergarten, discovered that her teacher had attached her socks to her pants with pieces of scotch (sticky) tape. Where had such a thing ever been seen before at a kindergarten? The young mother was surprised and amused at the same time, and so much so, that she showed the story on TikTok where she explains the unusual solution the teachers had used on her daughter using the scotch tape.

Mum Chelsea, who calls herself "chelsea.hutchins94" on TikTok, couldn't believe her eyes when, once she got into her car, she saw her daughter with scotch tape on her feet. Apparently, the teachers had used tape on the child's socks and pants, to prevent her from losing her socks. Of course, there have been numerous comments filled with anger and outrage at this unorthodox and potentially dangerous solution, but there have also been those who have said that they had never thought of using such an efficient and practical solution.

Mom Chelsea posted the video with a caption that reads something like this: "This is what happens when kindergarten teachers can't get the kids to keep their socks on."

The video quickly went viral, with over 4 million views and shocked many users: "I would have been fired if I had done such a thing", wrote a nursery teacher in the comments, while with another user she added, "Um...no, no chance. I'm a kindergarten teacher and I would never do something like this." There are those who have stressed the potential danger of a material such as scotch tape in the hands of very young children: "It is a violation of children's rights... what if they suffocate themselves or choke on the tape?". Then there are those who, on the contrary, routinely use this method with kindergarten children who cannot keep their socks on.

Certainly, this is a method that caused a lot of heated discussion and that many people disagree with. What do you think?

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