Single mom shares her house with other women in the same predicament as her and saves $ 30,000 dollars -
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Single mom shares her house with other…
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Single mom shares her house with other women in the same predicament as her and saves $ 30,000 dollars

March 05, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Divorce between two people hardly ever leads to anything good. In some cases it is the ex-husband who has to pay a monthly amount to support any children the couple has in common, in other cases it is the woman who remains without a partner, and is forced to do everything alone and has to carry the burden, without any financial help of her ex or her relatives. This is unpleasant situation that Holly Harper, the subject of this story - with a happy ending - experienced initially.

via: Insider

Meet Holly Harper, an American woman who struggled a lot in the early years of her divorce. With a small child to care for and without the financial help of her ex-husband, the woman had to struggle against the challenges of becoming a single mother overnight. She had to pay about $ 2000 dollars on her own for the rent of the house where she lived. And she had to take care of the high water bills, electricity bills, buy food and also take care of the education of her son. But then she had a great idea...

After a very long post-divorce legal battle, Holly Harper got a large sum of money as compensation, which she immediately invested in the purchase of a large and spacious house, with a garden, dating back to 1927. The house was large enough to accommodate other single moms who lived in the same predicament as her. Not long after, Holly was joined by three other single mothers with their children, and now the Harper's home has become a safe haven for women who find it difficult to carry on their lives with children and without the economic help of a partner.


Renamed Siren House, this abode is now inhabited by the four single mothers with their children. All the expenses necessary for their support and those for the maintenance of the building are equally divided between them. Everything, starting from the electricity and water bills, to the provision of food, is divided equally by the four women of Siren House. Implementing this system, Holly Harper claimed to have saved about $ 30,000 dollars in just one year - an enormous amount that, in other contexts and without this co-housing solution, she would have spent just on rent alone.

This single mom has created an amazing network of support for other women in difficulty and, for that alone, she should be applauded. She truly is amazing for everything does to support desperate mothers with dependent children.

Well done, Holly Harper!

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