Man finds a large spider in his car…
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Man finds a large spider in his car and "looks after" it as if it were a pet: after 1 year, it is still there

February 26, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Most people who find themselves faced with a giant spider certainly will almost certainly have the urge to scream or chase it away. Well, what is known is that Chris Taylor, a 42-year-old Australian, had absolutely no negative reaction at all when he found a spider living in his car. Unlike most people, Chris decided to leave the spider alone and "look after it" in a sense. The spider stayed in his car for over a year - a very long period of time in which the man clearly saw the arachnid grow. It's not that they became "best friends" exactly, but their coexistence was more than just an uneasy truce.

via: Mirror

Australia's Chris Taylor has a giant spider living in his car and he has no plans to get rid of it! (via The Daily Mirror) http://ihe.art/uPyxxat

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One fine day in February, Chris found a sizable spider in his car. Rather than getting scared and trying to chase him away, he decided to let it stay right where he found it. Every time he took the car out, he found it sitting on the dashboard. One day he decided to try to free the spider and managed to get it out - but the next day he found the arachnid back inside his car, on the rear-view mirror: "I took it out of the car a few months ago, but the next day it was back again under the sun visor, so for some reason it likes it in my car," Chris said.

The man whimsically nicknamed the spider Steve, believing it to be a male - but later discovered that it was acutally a female. What can we say? Chris saw the spider grow up just as if it were a pet: "It was only half its current size when I first found it in the car ... I saw it grow up".

Chris said he's not afraid of spiders, but he sure doesn't like it if "Steve" jumps into his lap while he's driving. On a positive note is that since "Steve" has lived in his car, no one asks him for a ride home, and this has allowed him to save considerably on travel and gas.

What would you have done in this man's place? Are you afraid of spiders?


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