Couple locks their future son-in-law in a room until he reveals how much he earns -
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Couple locks their future son-in-law…
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Couple locks their future son-in-law in a room until he reveals how much he earns

February 19, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When one has been in a long-term relationship, marriage is also taken into account, a development that for many is perfectly natural. Unfortunately, it is a decision that although it is personal and affects only the partners, it also involves their families. It is true that you marry your partner marries and not their family, but it must be taken into account that you will also regularly have to deal with her relatives.

A 28-year-old Canadian was invited to the home of his future in-laws to have a private conversation about his salary. The parents of his fiancée and future bride wanted to know exactly how much he was earning. Faced with his refusal, they locked him in a room!

via: Reddit

The young man had gone to his fiancée's parents' house after receiving their invitation. The first red flag that day was that his in-laws had asked him to leave his cell phone and his car keys on the table. The three then moved to another room to converse. Unfortunately, the only reason they had invited him to that "private" meeting was to find out how much he earned. The young man, initially taken aback by this question, nevertherless reassured them that he had no financial problems and that he would be able to provide for their daughter.

Parents are always very protective of their children, especially females, but the way these in-laws treated their future son-in-law really crosses the line of appropriate behavior. When the boy refused to tell them exactly how much he was earning - given that this was not an appropriate topic and neither should it be anyone else's business - his in-laws decided to lock him into the room.

The young man defined his future in-laws as over-protective, gold-digging parents, only looking for money. The in-laws were deeply offended by being defined as such by the young man. lAnd they were so offended that the father reopened the room and ordered the young man to leave his house immediately: he had dishonored them in their own home. The young man picked up his things and left, while the mother-in-law, in tears, was already calling her daughter. What really annoyed the young man was the fact that later even his fiancée asked him to apologize to her parents and to reconcile with them. The boy stated that his girlfriend had never behaved in a manner similar to that of her parents and that she is not interested in money. She herself, when asked by him what to do, started the conversation by saying that she loves him no matter how much she earns.

The young man is convinced that he does not have to apologize to his in-laws considering the fact that he had reassured them about his financial situation - but he still feels guilty for having offended them. What do you think he should do?

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