Mother-in-law shows up at her son's wedding dressed in white and sends the bride into a rage -
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Mother-in-law shows up at her son's…
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Mother-in-law shows up at her son's wedding dressed in white and sends the bride into a rage

February 26, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

It is not nice to steal the show from the bride on her wedding day - a moment that should be of extreme joy and sharing with the people one loves the most. Even if you don't intend to steal the limelight, it is still highly discouraged for women to show up at a wedding dressed in white because you really run the risk of looking like a bride. Breaking this unwritten rule was the mother-in-law of a woman who was about to get married. Amy Pennza shared on Twitter a photo of herself from her wedding, in which she is facing her mother-in-law who is dressed in white, exactly like she is in her white wedding dress.

via: Today

Although the marriage is not recent event - it dates back to 2004 - Amy still remembers perfectly the image of her mother-in-law who, dressed in white and highlighted by a beam of sunlight, enters the church foyer where she Amy was getting ready. Her first thought was, "Oh my God, that looks like an angel." But no, it was her mother-in-law and it was not at all proper that she had shown up dressed in white at her son's wedding. The problem, of course, is not just that she was wearing white, but she was wearing a full-blown white wedding dress! This is why many users agreed on how bad this all was.

In the photo shared on Twitter, Amy can be seen clearly to be resentful and angry: "My fists are clenched, my back is really stiff, you can see the bones in my spine."

Amy continued her story: "I remember saying to her, 'You could be the bride', and she frowned slightly and said, 'I know', then someone came up to her and said, 'Terri, what are you wearing?'". Amy later revealed that there were no harsh arguments or disparaging remarks about her mother-in-law's dress and that, in the end, the woman had no intention of stealing the show from her. The mother-in-law had simply taken advantage of an incredible discount on a beautiful dress that she had not been able to resist. Sure, there were embarrassed glances during the reception, but it all went smoothly in the end. Beyond this unfortunate episode, Amy also added that later her mother-in-law was forgiven and that now the famous photo is just a memory to laugh about.

Amy now has a good relationship with her mother-in-law and just reminds her occassionally not to wear white dresses at family weddings: "No white dresses, you know. We've done that before and it's not proper form."

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