He eats raw meat every day "and for…
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He eats raw meat every day "and for as long as I can survive": one man's risky experiment

February 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Nowadays there are countless weight loss and other style diets that you can choose to feel better about your body. Not everyone reacts to foods in the same way, so it's hard to say for sure that "vegan diets are best", for example. What we hear from all nutritionists is to vary your diet and, of course, avoid the most harmful foods for the body, such as alcohol and deep-fried foods. Speaking of diets, an American man has decided to embark upon a rather curious experiment that we would venture to suggest might even be risky for his health. The man, who is known on Instagram with the account "rawmeatexperiment", has decided to eat raw meat every day to see what effects it has on his body. The main objective of this strange experiment is, of course, to survive!

This is an experiment that we can state in no uncertain terms as extremely risky for his health, also because among the various types of raw meats being eaten by this man are chicken breast and pork. In one of his first Instagram posts, he is seen biting into a big raw steak, while his hungry dog watches him from a distance. His bizarre experiment continues from day to day and, at the moment, he has managed to reach a pretty impressive milestone: 81 days on the raw meat diet and ... he is still alive!

To swallow his bites, the man uses raw eggs and cow's or camel's milk. Why is he doing all this? We are wondering this too... The man stated that before starting this challenge with himself, he had embarked on a vegetarian diet which, however, did not make him feel good. Since he has been eating raw meat, however, he claims to feel fuller during the day and claims not to have had any kind of energy dropoff due to the absence of carbohydrates.

He claimed not only to eat raw meat only, but also to try some cooked steak, potatoes and rice from time to time. One meal a day, however, is definitely dedicated to raw meat. In addition to beef and chicken, raw fish also seems to have become one of his favorite foods.


Obviously, his diet is highly dangerous as he risks running into very serious bacteria such as Escherichia coli, salmonella and campylobacter - often those responsible for poisoning due to the consumption of raw meat.

On Instagram he is followed by over 80 thousand people and there is some question about if he is doing this just to garner a little bit of attention. Could it be that one could get to the point of risking one's own health or life just to become a celebrity for a few, fleeting moments?

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