He helps his adoptive mother who suffers…
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He helps his adoptive mother who suffers from Alzheimer's: "You took care of me, now it's my turn" (+ VIDEO)

February 22, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Among the cruelest diseases that affect the elderly and which consequently also affect their relatives, is Alzheimer's. This degenerative disease gradually leads the patient to no longer remember anything - in addition to other complications that can affect motor skills and relating to the surrounding environment. Anyone who has a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer's knows how hard it is for everyone who is forced to live with it in their lives (directly or indirectly): it is not easy to accept that one's mother, for example, no longer recognizes her children. In this slow and inexorable descent into oblivion, there are also moments of lucidity, in which the patient suddenly remembers everything they have experienced.

TikTok user "Turkedwards" was 8 months old when his adoptive mother welcomed him into her home. Today, that same woman has Alzheimer's and needs all his care and attention: "You took care of me and now I take care of you. We have always been each other's blessing."

There are many ways to "thank" your parents for making us the people we are today and among them there is certainly taking care of them as they become elderly. The young "Turkedwards" was adopted by a woman when he was only 8 months old; although he is not a blood relative, the young man knows that she is his mother and will always be. She was the one who took care of him when no one else would, and that's more than enough to call her "mom".

The 35-year-old man filmed a very moving scene that he shared on his TikTok profile. In the video, his foster mom is in bed and he is taking care of her. Mom has Alzheimer's and because of that, he often has to remind her who he is and what he does there with her: "I'm that baby you adopted and raised when he was only eight months old. And now we're together." On hearing these words, the woman is moved: "Really?" she asks her son with tears in her eyes, "Sometimes I forget. I'm happy to have had you" added the emotioal woman.


Every day, it is difficult to accept that one's mother no longer remembers her children, but with a lot of patience one must continue to take care of those who raised and loved us. It is not only a duty as a child, but it is also normal to wish for the welfare of loved ones.

We are sure that the video will make you emotional... prepare your handkerchiefs!

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