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Video Experiments

He eats raw meat every day "and for as long as I can survive": one man's risky experiment

Nowadays there are countless weight loss and other style diets that you can choose to feel better about your body. Not everyone reacts to foods in the same way, so it's hard to say for sure that "vegan…

What you see in this optical illusion can reveal your mental age

Optical illusions are one of those topics that always inevitably manage to divide everyone's opinion. Therefore, if a team of scientists decides to do a social experiment using a popular image among the…

Acetone vs Plastic ...... Guess who wins?!

Acetone is a colorless, flammable liquid used extensively as a solvent and is in fact also used in cosmetics to easily remove nail polish. This characteristic also makes acetone particularly suitable…

Look how easy it is to "calm the waters" ... Amazing!

In this great age of information that is available to everyone, even finding out how the world works from the point of view of physics is easier than in the past. In this case, the experiment is to explain…

Best Knife Hack? Sharpen your knives!

If you are looking for a reliable knife, with a sharp blade, that is also easy to handle, then definitely, your choice would not fall on a product sold at the lowest price. However, it cannot always be…

DNA testing reveals surprising results!

It is easy to think that the things that separate us from others are more than those that unite us but sometimes it would be enough to stop and reflect for a minute to realize that maybe this is not so.…

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