Woman eats "too much" at an 'all you…
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Woman eats "too much" at an 'all you can eat' restaurant and she is asked to pay more: "I refused"

July 31, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Nowadays it is easy to find restaurants where you can pay a fixed price, but eat at much as you like. This famous formula is commonly known as "all you can eat", and became a feature in some restaurants a while back, but now is becoming increasingly popular among local eateries. Of course, while there is the freedom to take as much food you want for a fixed price, customers have their limits and eating more than this could cause one to become ill. But this does not mean that those who are very hungry or are able to eat more than others (on average) can do so without creating problems.

Self-regulation is the logic driving this "all you can eat" system, but apparently this is not always the case and some catering establishments may consider a guest's behavior to be "excessive". The young woman we want to tell you about in this story knows this very well. Accused of having eaten too much, she was asked to pay more. Here is her story:

The young woman is named Poppy, and she is a TikTok user who used a video clip to describe the unpleasant experience she had in a restaurant. The woman, who is constantly engaged in the fight against all forms of discrimination, was offended by a demand made by the restaurant. According to what she reports in the clip, while at dinner in a restaurant with an "all you can eat" menu, she she ate as much as she wanted. Once the evening was over, she was charged double of what she expected her bill would be.

"When the bill was brought to me, I saw that something was wrong," says Poppy, "so I asked for an explanation and they replied that I had eaten 'too much', in their opinion, and so I had to pay more (double, in fact)".

This is an episode that raised indignation even amongst the people who viewed her post. In fact, many have commented on this, supporting the woman and reporting similar experiences: "I found myself in the same situation," writes a user, "one morning I went for breakfast in a hotel and there was an "all you can eat" buffet, but the owner later told me I had eaten too much, even though I supposedly could take as much as I wanted".

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? Is it fair that, despite the "all you can eat" offer, the restaurant owners can decide that a person is going too far and, consequently, has to pay more? What do you think?

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