A woman discovers that her ex-husband…
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A woman discovers that her ex-husband is feeding her vegan daughter chicken nuggets

June 12, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Nowadays it is certainly easier to choose the diet that you prefer, having an unprecedented amount of choices and options available. Vegans, vegetarians, carnivores, omnivores, raw eaters, those who eat only fish and those who only eat fruit - the list could go on for quite a while, but the concept is clear! - now everyone has a reserved seat at the table of a restaurant, a fast-food restaurant or at a friend's house. It doesn't matter if it is done out of ethical choices or for personal health reasons, because everyone is free to eat what they want. For children, this freedom of choice appears a little more blurred, as their food choices inevitably hark back to those of their parents. A woman wanted to share a story about her ex-husband and her daughter, asking for the opinion of other users, about the man's foolish spite.

via: Reddit

On Reddit, an enraged woman wanted to ask users' opinion on a somewhat delicate family matter: her ex-husband gave her vegan daughter some breaded chicken nuggets, without saying anything to her. At the time of the marriage, he was vegan and, since he no longer tolerated the presence of animal products in the house, he also convinced his wife to make this ethical choice. The woman, therefore, also embraced veganism with conviction, proud of her new ideas. When she became pregnant, she continued to maintain the aforementioned diet and the same philosophy. Furthermore, the two agreed together that they would raise their daughter with the same values ​​and, therefore, on a vegan diet. All this worked until her divorce, due to her husband's infidelity. "I learned a lot about how food is prepared and agreed to go vegan" wrote the woman in her complaint, "I was vegan while I was pregnant and we have also raised our daughter the same way for the past eight years." 

One day, the woman had gone to pick up her daughter at her ex-partner's house and, when asked for a snack, the woman offered her an apple. The little girl, however, wanted chicken nuggets at all costs, especially since they were approaching a McDonald's with the car. Faced with her refusal, the little girl began to scream and throw tantrums, also refusing vegetable soup once she got home. Mom understood at that point that the child had eaten, and liked, the chicken nuggets that her father had allowed her to taste. "She hates me, I'm a bad mom, her dad would have allowed her to eat chicken nuggets. She was worn out crying," the woman commented, sad about what happened. The next day, the little girl started asking her mom if she still loved her, even though she ate some meat. Obviously, her mother reassured her on all fronts of her, telling her that she was not happy with her reaction: that it's okay to let out her emotions, but you have to know how to control them.


The woman was certainly not bothered by the daughter who eating meat, but rather by the ex-husband who had not communicated anything about it. On a child rearing choice involving their daughter, she would have expected at least one phone call. Instead, the man didn't think to warn her in the slightest because he knew she "would overreact": "You're controlling her, but you don't need to be aware of every single thing she does when our daughter is with me." The woman was furious, especially because her ex-husband professed himself a vegan and convinced of her and prevented her from eating even simple cookies (among other non-vegan things) during her pregnancy. The good news is that, after this happened, the mother took into consideration the tastes of the little girl and allowed her to eat eggs and meat from time to time, especially when they visit her grandparents (certainly better the grandparents' meatballs than McDonald's!), and when they have breakfast on the weekend.

What do you think of this story, was the woman right to get mad?

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