She gives birth to a child weighing almost 13 pounds and the web goes wild: "He's just born and already big enough to pay taxes!" -
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She gives birth to a child weighing…
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She gives birth to a child weighing almost 13 pounds and the web goes wild: "He's just born and already big enough to pay taxes!"

May 20, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The moment of the birth of a child is one of the most anticipated and most important in the life of a mother; not only is the period of waiting and pregnancy comprised of a lot of attention, a roller coaster emotions, medical visits, nausea, running to the bathroom and so on, it's also the period in which our child grows up to the ninth month; from that moment on, he will be ready to face life. And what a moment Erika Weber experienced, a mother who told of her record breaking delivery!

via: Yahoo News

A TikTok user asked other mothers on the web to tell their most incredible and curious experiences and birth testimonies. To answer, among others, was Erika Weber, who testified with her words how the birth of her child was truly unique in it's own way!

The woman responded with a video on TikTok recounting her incredible experience: "At 37 weeks I went for an ultrasound and my son weighed just over four kilograms (almost 9 pounds), so we scheduled a caesarean section. I ended up being induced into labor the day before the caesarean section because the doctor strongly recommended it and ... instead I gave birth to a baby who weighed almost six kilograms and came out of the hospital wearing clothes for a three month old baby, diapers size one and now that she is six months old wearing clothes for babies over 18 months old! "

Obviously Erika's story and the photo she posted of her son as soon as he was born immediately sparked a lot of humor on the web; on closer inspection, the newborn was so "big" that many could not help but comment with sympathy: "Congratulations, you have given birth to an adult child!", or, "I think this child has already been born three Years ago!" But the best commentator is outdone with this sentence: "He's just born and seems big enough to have to pay his taxes already!"

But despite the irony on the web, it must be said that this mother's experience must absolutely be counted among the most incredible and record-breaking deliveries we've ever heard of; who knows what Mama Erika must have thought when she saw her baby for the first time and held him in her arms; maybe she exclaimed "But how heavy is he"?



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