This girl staged her wedding to make her ex jealous and to get her revenge -
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This girl staged her wedding to make…
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This girl staged her wedding to make her ex jealous and to get her revenge

May 24, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It is said that in war and in love everything is allowed and that, therefore, even the art of deceiving can be a good way to achieve one's ends. Of course, it would be better not to exaggerate and not to resort exactly to "every means necessary" to conquer, or regain a partner, but it seems that some do not mind spending money, nor do they care about their own dignity! A 24-year-old German girl, Sarah Vilard, came up with a plan that we could define as crazy, but also brilliant at the same time: she organized a fake wedding, her own, to make her ex jealous of her! How much dedication and hatred can it take to accomplish such a thing? She herself has published a video on TikTok, with some photos of the "wedding", and she sums it all up in a simple sentence: "Yes, I'm crazy".

via: NY Post

Do you also want to "take revenge" on an old flame of yours? Try to beat Sarah Vilard's feat! The young woman rented Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt and gathered her best friends to play the roles of bridesmaids. Everything was perfect, starting from her white dress, to her location and ... even her fictitious spouse! Looking at the photos, there is nothing that would give the impression that the aforementioned wedding was actually just a grand staging. Sarah then saw fit to publish her photos on her Instagram profile, 100% certain that her ex would view them and would have received the message. In fact, her response was not long in coming.

The next day, her ex contacted her in a rage, to ask her for an explanation: had she cheated on him while they were still together? The truth, of course, is very different, but the purpose of making him angry and ruining his day definitely worked. Sarah, in fact, said she was "very satisfied with the result".

A satisfaction that made many users scream at "psychopath", but also at the undisputed "genius" of this woman. Sarah, meanwhile, has blocked her ex on every platform or social network, defining herself very happy to finally be single and carefree. Many users have "complimented" her for reaching a new level of meanness, while others were baffled by such a gesture: "This level of dedication is both totally psychotic and absolutely brilliant."


 We're not judging anyone, but certainly this young woman has worked extremely hard to make her ex jealous: what do you think?

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