Mother accidentally throws her daughter's drawing into the garbage: "I made it for you, mom .." -
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Mother accidentally throws her daughter's…
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Mother accidentally throws her daughter's drawing into the garbage: "I made it for you, mom .."

February 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When we are parents and we have a child in the home we already know from the start that we should take care of them in a very special way. Further, when children are small, it takes a lot of patience on the part of the mum or dad to please them in every possible and imaginable way, and stopping them from crying and fussing about almost everything that is done to and for them. It is not a simple task, but it is certainly a challenge that must be faced with courage and resourcefulness, and without ever forgetting values such as affection and unconditional love for one's child ...

Sometimes, however, we have so many things to think of and chores to juggle that we end up becoming unexpectedly distracted and then we can unknowingly hurt our little child's feelings. We know that at a certain age, younger children often and willingly express themselves through shapes and colors in the drawings they make on white paper, and perhaps, at times, they make far too many of these drawings on multiple sheets of paper. This is in fact one of the reasons why parents can sometimes accidentally throw away the drawings made by their child, naively thinking they are a waste of paper. This same thing happened to the little girl who is the star of a moving video, which in a short time, made the rounds onthe web, generating many comments and reactions.

In the video posted on Instagram, we see a little girl with long, blond hair running at her mother and yelling at her. The little girl is clearly rather upset and angry at having found one of her little drawings balled up and tossed into the garbage can. The child is visibly distraught and disappointed by the action that her mother had carried out, believing that her parent had thrown her artistic creation in the garbage on purpose or because she did not like it. But when the mother (who was recording the video at the time) heard her daughter's version of the story, she was chastened, and explained to the little girl that she hadn't done it deliberately - she explained that she was distracted and thought that it was just a piece of waste paper to be throw away.


The mother apologized but the daughter seems not to have taken it at all well: "You're in trouble now, mom!"

While it appears to be clear that the mother did not deliberately throw the drawing into the trash, this is common and careless error that distracted parents can easily make when dealing with piles and piles of their child's drawings. Dear mothers and fathers, please heed these words: the next time you throw waste or used paper in the garbage, give it a second look - you could unwittingly be hurting your child's feelings!


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