She walks 22 km (14 miles) every day to get to work: two customers give her a new car -
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She walks 22 km (14 miles) every day…
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She walks 22 km (14 miles) every day to get to work: two customers give her a new car

February 15, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

In a world now dominated by selfishness, indifference and a lack of empathy, a very simple act of generosity or kindness towards another person can truly change one's whole world. And this moving story that comes from the United States of America speaks precisely to the effects of unexpected acts of kindness. The main character in this story is a girl named Adrianna Edwards, who was forced to walk 22.5 kilometers (13.7 miles) every day to reach her workplace...

The girl, named Adrianna Edwards, lives in Galveston, Texas. Every day to get to work - at a restaurant called Denny's - she had to walk a staggering 22.5 km on foot - a huge distance but also an absolutely necessary choice since the girl in question worked there as a waitress.  And she needed the job in order to pay her bills and be able to afford to attend college. Not only would the money she saved have allowed her to finish her studies, but Adrianna could also have bought a new or used car to travel more easily from home to work and vice versa.

Adrianna Edwards walks over 14 miles to and from work at Denny's almost every day. But her walking days are finally...

Pubblicato da CNN International su Giovedì 28 novembre 2019

A couple who had gone to breakfast at the diner one morning had listened with great empathy to Adrianna Edwards' story of hardship and sacrifice. They were so impressed by the waitress's living conditions that they decided to surprise her with something that would change her life forever. A few hours after having eaten their breakfast, the two walked out of the restaurant, then returned to Adrianna's workplace - not to order more food but to get the young waitress's attention. In their hands, they had the key to a 2011 Nissam Sentra they had purchased just for her. Adrianna couldn't believe it was true...

Finally, the girl could have more time for herself and her education than she currently did. For one, she would no longer have to walk for about 4 hours to get to work. With the new car she takes only half an hour to get to the restaurant. This allows her to practically save three and a half hours which she can devote to studying - to undertake the path necessary to get to college and thus be able to fulfill her dreams for a better future.


The very generous couple wanted to remain anonymous, but certainly with their wonderful gesture of great kindness they have changed the life of a student who was struggling to build a better life for herself. And this is truly an extraordinary act of kindness!

Good luck in everything, Adrianna!

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