Husband stands throughout a 6 hour flight…
Husband is furious with his pregnant wife:

Husband stands throughout a 6 hour flight to let his wife get a good rest

February 14, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

What is love for you? We refer to that love that involves married and/or close couples after many, many years. What does it mean to love someone? Well, for some it means doing everything and anything for their partner: making sure they are fine and that they lack for nothing, not even anything on an emotional level. It is natural to have feelings like these when you love a person - but not everyone is able to do this and prove their love in this way.

A photo of a man who remained standing for a 6 hours flight - just to allow his wife lie down on the seats of the plane - went viral on the web, touching the emotions of thousands of users.

It is not just shocking actions that make it into the news, but the simplest and most honest ones do too. On Twitter, a photo appeared of a man standing in the aisle of an airplane, unable to sit down; in the seats in front of him, his wife is lying down, stretched out and resting. We don't know what the real story is behind this photograph and any specific description of the events would be just a guess - but what is certain is that the man was making a sacrifice for love. Love, at times, is this, and, of course, love is also patient. It takes patience to keep loving someone despite all the strengths and weaknesses within them.

The photo in question has gone viral around the web and has made users discuss it at length, for better or for worse. There are those who wrote that the woman could very well rest by putting her head on her husband's lap, and without him being forced to stand for six hours. Then there are those who did not take long to declare such a gesture as the fruit. of a true and pure love. Maybe the wife wasn't feeling well, for example? Not knowing all the details behind the photo, we cannot make hasty judgments and in a world full of violence and bad news, we like to think that this gesture came from the heart. In short, let's stop judging and immediately jumping to assuming the worst about people!

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