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Hermit hasn't washed in more than 65…
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Hermit hasn't washed in more than 65 years and eats only meat: an incredible life story

February 02, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Good hygiene is essential to make us presentable to ourselves and to others and to avoid contracting diseases and pathologies that can compromise our health or our lives. Washing every day is one of the basic activities that everyone, needs to practice to keep our bodies healthy. But there are people who don't think exactly like this and who, for years, have not touched even a drop of water to wash themselves - just like the main character of this incredible story.

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Meet Amou Jaji, a man who lives in Iran and who has recently turned 87, and is a truly unique man. All over the world, he has now become an object of study, as Amou claims not to have washed for more than 65 years, eats only raw meat and only drinks water from puddles.  His aversion to water is because he firmly believes that washing can bring him bad luck in life. This man's beliefs have led him to lead what many would regard as a depraved life - sleeping in holes in the ground, without a roof over his head, and isolated from the Iranian society around him.

But not all his fellow citizens seem to think the same way, as many have gone to great lengths to build a small wooden shack for him, out of simple respect for the dedication in which he leads his life by following his questionable beliefs. Currently, Amou Jaji lives in the town of Dejgah, in the southern Iranian province of Fars.

The most incredible thing is that, according to the latest medical examinations carried out on the 87-year-old man, it seems that Amou is basically as fit as a fiddle and he does not present any worrying diseases or pathologies. Indeed, given his poor hygienic and abysmal living conditions for the last 65 years, for someone who has turned 87, he is in very good health. This is a real miracle and at the same time is a mystery to human medicine. The Tehran School of Public Health has advanced a hypothesis as to why Amou has not contracted any parasites or developed any particular pathologies. According to the experts who have studied and analyzed him for years, he seems to have managed to stay healthy thanks to the development of a particularly strong immune system in response to his diet and his "counter-culture" lifestyle.

While some doubts about his general health still remain, it is still hard to believe that people like this 87-year-old really exist in this world. Yet here he is, living testimony to how truly amazing the human organism can sometimes be!


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