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He gets stuck in the elevator with a…
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He gets stuck in the elevator with a 79-year-old lady and pretends to be a "human chair" to let her rest

August 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Always being ready to help someone in need makes us better people and makes us feel good about ourselves, especially at the end of the day, when we rest our head on the pillow and feel satisfied with the good deed we have done.

When you do a truly good deed, you do it without hesitation, under any circumstances and without asking for anything in return. And that's exactly what Cesar Larios, a 23-year-old student of the Art Institute of Florida did, who immediately rushed to help a 79-year-old lady in a moment of fragility.

Young Man Acts as Human Bench for Elderly Lady Stuck on Elevator An employee from College HUNKS Moving and Hauling...

Pubblicato da Good News Network su Sabato 26 aprile 2014

The story happened in Florida: Cesar is an employee of College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving, a removal company. That day he was in an elevator doing a removal to a 10-storey residence; with him there were two other people: another worker and a 79-year-old lady. The woman, who had some physical ailments and who used a kind of walker to walk, seemed to be quite calm, until, at a certain point, the lift stopped.

After making an emergency phone call for help, the men found that they were going to be stuck in the elevator for quite some time, which was very difficult for the lady, who as soon as she found out she said she would not be able to stand up for too long. Cesar was very concerned and wanted to do something for her, also because he certainly couldn't allow her to sit on the ground. After a few minutes, he had a bizarre but really brilliant idea: he crawled on all fours and turned into a "human chair" to let her sit down.

The lift was blocked for 30 minutes and, thanks to this kind solution, the old lady managed not to feel too fatigued. The scene was so funny and sweet at the same time that the other guy there took a picture and showed it to their employer. The latter proudly shared the scene on the company's Facebook page, with the intention of promoting the more human side of their workers: "Larios' good deed is part of the company's desire to make the world a better place".

The photo went around the world, thanks to the thousands of shares on various social networks and, the co-founder of the company, Nick Friedman, took the mic to honor today's young people: "Many people say that the generation younger has lost certain values. But this little picture shows that chivalry and hard work are still very much alive in our young people."

Probably, the meeting between Cesar and that old lady was destined to happen, who knows what she would have done without his help all alone. It is said that no act of kindness ever goes unnoticed, and well, how can we deny it?


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