10-year-old girl survives a blizzard and freezing night by hugging a stray dog

Mark Bennett

January 30, 2022

10-year-old girl survives a blizzard and freezing night by hugging a stray dog

Once again, we are here to tell you the story about a dog who, thanks to his intelligence and loyalty, managed to save a ten-year-old girl who was lost in a terrible snowstorm. This is a story that could have had a very different, tragic ending if help hadn't arrived in time. This story takes place in the city of Uglegorsk, Russia - a city where the temperatures can plunge into the negatives, especially at night.

Vika Z. was on her way home from school when she got lost due to a sudden snowstorm that descended directly in her path. The 10-year-old girl found herself alone with a stray dog - her only source of warmth. Vika hugged that dog and waited for help for 18 hours. And it was a true miracle that she was later found still alive!

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A dog after a snowstorm in Chukotka, by Viktor Nikiforov

Pubblicato da The Siberian Times su Sabato 19 gennaio 2019

Facebook / Viktor Nikiforov / Not the actual photo

Vika is very fond of dogs and in her city, Uglegorsk, in far east of Russia, she often played with them and fed them on the street. She never thought that one day one of those little dogs would be her saviour. In the city of Uglegorsk, temperatures are often below freezing; when little Vika left school around 1pm in the afternoon, a strong wind was blowing and the temperature was -11 °. Vika stopped to pet a few dogs on her way home and suddenly she lost her sense of direction. The snowstorm, which was then raging by then, prevented her from getting back on the right path.

Pexels / Not the actual photo

The little girl got completely lost in the blizzard, but luckily she managed to stay with the stray dog. The rescuers and volunteers who searched for her for hours found her lying on a mattress - the kind that citizens had put out to protect stray pets - together with a little dog. Vika had hugged the animal all night and miraculously she had managed to keep warm by doing this. When they took Vika to the hospital, the doctors found the onset of frostbite, but nothing so serious that it couldn't be treated.


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This little girl was very lucky to survive a terrible experience like this and we are confident that dogs will continue to be her best friends for the rest of her life.