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A 1-year-old almmost drowns in a pool,…
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A 1-year-old almmost drowns in a pool, but his dog throws himself into the water to save him

November 11, 2020 • By Alison Forde

A dog is man's best friend and they are also extremely intelligent and affectionate when it comes to showing gratitude towards their owners. And that's exactly what happened to Stanley Drauch, a 14-month-old boy who was in danger of drowning in a swimming pool, just before the emergency response of his dog Bear, a black-haired Labrador. Almost certainly the little one would not have made it without the help of his dog, who promptly kept him up out of the water until his mother intervened. Unfortunately, even in the best families you can't afford to be distracted even for a minute if you have very young children: the unexpected is always around the corner!

Patricia Drauch, Stanley's mother, was distracted for a few minutes - she went to her garage to retrieve a tool she would be using shortly - when on her return to the garden she could no longer see her toddler. There passed moments of panic that felt like an eternity, until she realized that Stanley had headed for the pool. Mom immediately thought the worst, considering Stanley couldn't swim, and immediately rushed to the pool. When she saw her son's little body in the water she started screaming, but thank goodness someone in the family had managed to avoid the worst: Bear, Stanley and Patricia's Labrador had jumped into the water to rescue the little one.

Thanks to his intervention, the child's body was able to stay up on the surface of the water, so that he didn't drown. A real blessing: he had managed to avoid the worst! The dog remained motionless, did not bark and looked as if he was afraid to move a single muscle. Indeed, the situation was critical and any movement could have further jeopardized the life of little Stanley. Patricia immediately called the emergency room but, receiving no response, she immediately grabbed Stanley and took him to the nearest fire station.


Fortunately, Stanley's lungs were free of water and the medical examinations that the child underwent didn't show any serious damage to his body. Patricia said with relief how, ever since Stanley was only a few weeks old, she used to repeat to the dog Bear: "This is your son too, take care of him". Words that somehow served their purpose: Bear knew perfectly well how to take care of his "puppy"!

image: Pexels

 A story that proves once again how much our four-legged friends are a blessing in our lives!


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