A little 3-year-old girl gets lost in the woods but her dog stays with her all night, and then "calls" for help! - WTVideo.com
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A little 3-year-old girl gets lost in…
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A little 3-year-old girl gets lost in the woods but her dog stays with her all night, and then "calls" for help!

April 29, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Little Aurora, a child only 3 years old, was playing on her family's farmland when around three o'clock in the afternoon the family realized that the child had gone missing. 

Immediately the alarm was sounded but the search by the authorities for the little girl had by the next morning still not led to any success.

In the early hours of the following day, more than one hundred police officers and volunteers went back to scouring the area in a desperate search for the child, until a sound caught their attention.

via: abc.net.au

In fact, finally, around 8:00 am, the 3-year-old girl's grandmother heard a faint noise from the top of a hill she was searching.

Approaching the point from which she thought she had heard the sound, about 1.5 miles (2 km) away from home, the woman found herself in front of the family dog Max, a seventeen-year-old deaf and partially blind Australian cattle dog.

The dog immediately led the woman to the exact spot where the child was.

image: Facebook/Kelly Benston

"Max must have followed Aurora and stayed with her in the bush for all 17 hours of her disappearance," the woman told reporters. 
The night temperature was about 60°F (15°C) but, despite being very cold, Aurora did not report any serious injuries, only a few scratches.


 The Queensland Police has paid homage to the sweet and brave Max nominating the dog an honorary police officer.

A more than legitimate recognition for a dog that despite its age and ailments did not hesitate to remain next to a terrified child, leaving her only when he realized that someone was close by and help had arrived.

Another beautiful testimony of how deep the loving bond is between human beings and dogs!


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