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3-year-old child survives for 12 days…
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3-year-old child survives for 12 days in a snow forest thanks to her dog (+VIDEO)

January 21, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

We have all known for some time that our pets are a blessing, but this story, although it dates back to 2014, still manages to give us goose bumps. A 3-year-old girl had been missing for 12 days in the taiga (a boreal or snow forest, characterized by  consisting of mostly of pines, spruces, and larches), near a very remote village in Yakutia, Russia. How did she survive? Her survival was largely thanks to the presence of her dog Naida, a species of Siberian Husky. This breed of husky is adapted to able to survive for days in places that are dangerously cold for humans. And not only is the taiga very cold by day and night, it is often dangerous due to the presence of wild, dangerous animals, like bears. This survival story has gone viral around the world and continues to be a riveting read.

Karina was only 3 years old at the time of this story and it is absolutely stunning how she managed to save herself after 2 weeks of being lost alone in the forest. To tell the truth, she was not completely alone - with her was the constant presence of her little dog Naida, who never left her side during the day and warmed her with her body at night. A truly miraculous story!

The little girl got lost one day when she decided to follow her father on a walk to a nearby village. Her father, Rodion, hadn't noticed that his daughter was following him, and neither had her mother noticed she was missing because she was working in the fields bringing in the harvest. In short, Karina should have stayed at home and waited for her father to return, but when the parents realized that their child was missing, the panic began. Temperatures at night drop significantly and, in any case, it is never safe for a child to wander alone in the forest - let alone at night.


Hopes of finding Karina were fading until, after 9 days of searching, the dog Naida managed to find some of the people searching and managed to "ask for their help". At that point, everyone became convinced that if the dog was still alive, then Karina must be alive too. Despite her intelligence and skill, the dog was unable to lead rescuers directly to the child, but fortunately, after just 3 more days, the little girl was found. Rescuers, who had to go around armed due to the constant presence of bears in many places, spotted the footprints of a dog and a hand print right next to a river, where Karina presumably had been drinking.

Karina's grandmother, Emma, said that her granddaughter survived because "from an early age she got used to the harsh living conditions in the taiga and she is not afraid of the forest." She then she added: "And Naida helped too."

Девочка на нашем сегодняшнем #ФотоДняDV — 8-летняя Карина Чикитова из Якутии. В возрасте трёх лет, в 2014 году, Карина...

Pubblicato da DVostok su Lunedì 3 dicembre 2018

Karina Chikitova was found in the midst of scrub and mud, covered with mosquito bites and seriously undernourished. But luckily, she was found alive. The little girl ate berries in the forest, as she was used to picking them with her grandmother and her mother. And maybe that's also why the little girl wasn't afraid of the forest. Either way, the story of her rescue was a true miracle for everyone involved.

The city of Yakutsk, which is about 700 km away from the remote village where Karina lives, has erected a statue in honor of the little girl and her dog Naida.

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