Husband insists on keeping his finances…
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Husband insists on keeping his finances separate from his wife: after 6 years, he learns she is earning three times more than him

January 22, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Among the many things to organize before getting married there is, at least in some countries, the possibility of signing a prenuptial contract (prenup). It is a document signed by both parties, which protects the partners in the event of divorce. It is not very romantic to think about these scenarios before even saying the fateful "I do", but it is wise to organize yourself in time and take the necessary safety measures in order not to find yourself without any assets in the future if things go wrong.

A woman told her story about her personal experience on Reddit regarding the signing of a prenuptial contract, which her husband insisted on doing. At the time of the marriage, her husband was earning a lot more than her and, as a result, he wanted to protect himself by having her sign a prenup, stipulating that their finances would be separated. The two would have a joint account to provide for the expenses of the house. This all worked for the first six years of their marriage, then something changed.

via: Reddit

The woman in this story agreed to sign the prenuptial contract because she understood her husband's need to protect himself in the event of a divorce. She definitely earned less than he did and still had a few years of graduate school to finish. Things went on unchanged for 6 years, but then the woman's financial situation changed dramatically for the better during this period, as did that of her husband. One day, the woman told her husband that she would like to buy a new car, since hers was now very old. Her husband did not object at all and simply replied "buy the one you like the best". Considering she would be buying the car with her own savings, her husband certainly did not have any right to involve himself in her decision. The husband, however, was stunned when his wife returned home in a luxury Audi. At first, he asked her how many months she had left to pay for the car, but when he found out that she had bought it for cash, he started wondering how much she really earned.

After learning about his wife's true financial status, the husband remained quiet for a few hours. A little later, he returned to his wife asking her to cancel the prenuptial contract: "We are married and we should share our financial resources." At that point, the wife burst out laughing, humiliating her husband who had so desired to separate his finances from hers when they first started out. A little later, the woman felt a bit guilty for laughing in her husband's face and that is why she, in telling her story, wanted to ask Reddit users for their opinions about the matter. Most of them took the side of the woman, of course. The woman also explained that she and her husband had never really told each other how much they earned. She knew that when they got married he was earning about $ 90,000 a year and that over time his salary had increased. Her husband himself told her not to ask him how about much he earned, since he believed it was not advisable to talk about these things. So, the woman stopped asking him, but based on her calculations she had a rough idea of his earnings after 6 years. And she calculated that she was now earning about 3 times that of her husband. Given this, she's just fine to continue with the prenup and keep her finances separate! Indeed, to be honest, she is re-evaluating her marriage to her husband, who has suddenly exposed himself to be a somewhat less than honorable man.

What do you think, would you ever sign a prenuptial contract?

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