Job is so boring that employee is awarded €40,000 Euros ($45,600 dollars) in compensation -
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Job is so boring that employee is awarded…
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Job is so boring that employee is awarded €40,000 Euros ($45,600 dollars) in compensation

January 18, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

How many of you have ever become really bored at work? Having a boring day can happen to anyone, and can depend on the amount of work that needs to be done at any particular moment. Frederic Desnard, however, is a man who experienced this "boredom" in a very particular way. And his boredom was so extreme that he spiralled into a state of deep depression which had very serious consequences for him.

We should not rush to judgement of this man, because in the case of Desnard it was not really a matter of simple "boredom". What is certain is that the man felt frustrated and felt as if he was invisible to his company. Constantly being in this state of mind has seriously undermined his health. Among the long-term consequences Desnard has suffered was his dismissal from his job in 2014. From that moment, Desnard filed numerous complaints alleging unfair dismisal and, in 2020, he was finally paid a whopping €40,000 Euros ($45,600 dollars) in compensation.

via: Le Monde

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Pubblicato da Frederic Desnard su Martedì 1 gennaio 2019

We have probably all felt stuck in a repetitive and boring job at least once in our lives, but fortunately not everyone who experiences this unpleasant state ends up with deep depression. Unfortunately, Desnard felt "bored" to the point that he could no longer do his work - a condition that caused him to fall far behind in processing his work and that, in turn, made him feel literally sick. Basically what Desnard suffered from was the exact opposite of burnout, which is a condition of exhaustion that often occurs at work.

😮 Frédéric Desnard llevó a juicio a su empleador porque tuvo "un agotamiento moral debido a la falta de carga de trabajo". Además, "se sentía avergonzado de cobrar por no hacer nada".

Pubblicato da Perú su Venerdì 19 giugno 2020

The situation worsened when Desnard was fired in 2014 by his company, Interparfums, after 7 months of illness. The man's overall state of being was far from ideal. His lawyer reported that his "boredom" had caused him to have an epileptic fit while he was driving and which led him to have an accident, putting him in a coma for several days. After a series of serious incidents, Desnard was officially declared ill. For four years he worked only 20-40 minutes a day and no one seemed to care - it seemed that nobody cared whether or not he even went to work.

His feelings were a mixture of frustration and listlessness: "I no longer had the energy to do anything. I felt guilty and ashamed of earning a salary for doing little or nothing. I had the impression of being invisible to my company," he said.


Interparfums was found guilty on March 16, 2018 for "moral harassment" by an outgoing judge of the Paris Labor Court. As restitution, the court agreed to to award Desnard €40,000 Euros in settlement and compensation.

None of us would like to be in Desnard's shoes, and we're sure there are many people like him who can't wait to get out of their never-ending "tunnel" of dark depression.

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