"That mole looks cancerous, get it checked": stranger saves man's life thanks to her intuition

Mark Bennett

January 29, 2022


Skin cancers, and cancers in general, are no joke - you need to get checked periodically to make sure everything is okay. Of course, if nothing is obvious, it can be difficult to identify if there is a problem. Nevertheless, it is good idea to visit, for example, a dermatologist for regular checkups. There are also some truly exceptional cases - such as the one we are about to tell you in this story. While standing behind the Vancouver Canucks hockey team's bench, a young female supporter of the team noticed that a staff member, Brian "Red" Hamilton, had a very suspicious-looking mole on the back of his neck. Throughout the game she tried to warn him, until eventually the man gestured with a thumbs up that he would follow her advice. Luckily, Hamilton kept his promise to the stranger and got himself checked: the girl had been right!


Twitter / Vancouver #Canucks

Brian "Red" Hamilton is the assistant equipment manager of the Vancouver Canucks, a Canadian hockey team, and he had a big mole on his neck that he didn't know was cancerous. Fortunately for him, one evening, during a hockey game, a supporter of the team pointed this out to him, using all manner of methods to attract his attention. The two were divided by a plexiglass barrier, but this did not prevent Nadia Popovici, a Seattle Kraken fan, from observing the suspicious mole on the man's neck. Despite the difficulty in communicating, in the end, Nadia managed to make herself understood by Hamilton thanks to a message she typed and showed him on from her phone through the plexiglass: "The mole on your neck could be a tumor. Please, get it checked by a doctor!".

Thanks to the instincts of that young stranger, Hamilton was able to save himself. The man wrote on Twitter to the fan, whose identity he did not yet know at the time: "That evening, October 23rd, you showed me a message on your mobile phone and it will forever be etched in my mind because it really made a difference for me and my family. Your instinct was right and the mole on the back of my neck was a malignant melanoma. Thanks to your persistence and the quick work of my doctors, it is now been removed. "

Thanks to this message, Hamilton was able to find the woman and arrange a meeting to thank her. Their meeting, of course, took place just before the next hockey match and was very emotional. Though the protective masks hid their smiles, their eyes couldn't lie - they were both thrilled with how things had turned out. They hugged each other and with great emotion - Hamilton thanking her again and again.

What can be said? This was a great victory for both of them!