Mother installs a door on her son's room, going against her husband's wishes: the argument erupts -
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Mother installs a door on her son's…
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Mother installs a door on her son's room, going against her husband's wishes: the argument erupts

January 17, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

All those who have become parents know that at some point, children become adolescents and begin to ask for their own space and for privacy, even if they still live at home with their mom and dad. And even if parents know very well that there will never be real privacy for a child who lives under their roof, they also know very well, from their own direct life experiences, what it means to be a restless adolescent, trying to assert their independence.

This story today, published by an anonymous mother to a Reddit group, tells of how a wife and husband got into a fight because the husband was convinced that a door was not needed on the room of their son who had just turned 14 years old - the peak of adolescence. The mother, however, was firmly convinced that the boy needed his privacy. For this reason, the exasperated woman told users on Reddit that she made the decision to install a door in her son's room by herself - but this action was not something that her husband took very well at all...

Here's what the anonymous mom said: "For those who might be confused by this story, my husband believes that until the age of 18, our son, who just turned 14, shouldn't hide away from us in his room. He believes that while he is under our roof, he is under our care and has no natural right to demand privacy away from our view. This has been one of the things that has been putting a strain on our relationship lately, as I think a teenager should have some freedom - maybe not completely out of our sight - but at least the privacy offered by a single door. But my husband keeps insisting that our son should have almost no freedom at all. Every time I raise the door issue, he shuts down the conversation with "this is what he needs to become a real man" and "this is the way I was raised. "

But the story doesn't end there. The mother continues: "So later, and with both my son's birthday and Christmas approaching, I decided my son should finally have a door put on his room. I acted behind my husband's back and bought a new door.  I hurried home with the door and quickly installed it while both my husband and my son were both out. When my son got back from school he was incredibly happy, but my husband didn't take the news very well. He told me this is not the kind of decision I should make on my own and that I have disrespected his authority. Now he refuses to even sleep in the same bed as me. I was wondering if this should have been a conversation between the two of us, rather than my unilateral decison to act against his wishes.

So, am I the bad one having gone behind my husband's back to install a door for my son? "

What do you think about this family quarrel? Which side are you on: the father's or the mother's? Let us know in the comments!


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