Newborn baby girl abandoned in the street…
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Newborn baby girl abandoned in the street is found on New Year's Eve with a letter: her parents are too poverty stricken to take care of her (+VIDEO)

January 14, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

To have to abandon a newborn child there must be very pressing reasons which, from the outside looking in, are difficult for us to fathom and understand. Indeed, it is easy to harshly judge a mother who abandons her child, but what do we really know about her motivations or personal situation? On December 31, 2021, the last day of the year, a woman found an abandoned baby girl in the street, wrapped in some blankets and with a heartbreaking letter written by the child's parents.

Roxy Lane certainly did not ever think she would find a newborn girl abandoned in the streets in Fairbanks, Alaska, the city where she lives. But seeing as she did, she decided to immediately share some of the details of her discovery using a video. Her ultimate hope was to try to track down the desperate parents who had left the child to her fate because of their lack of resources.

Roxy Lane found abandoned baby Teshawn in Alaska with heartbreaking note from mother

Roxy Lane found abandoned baby Teshawn in Alaska with heartbreaking note from mother. #RoxyLane #Teshawn

Pubblicato da Fox3 Now su Domenica 2 gennaio 2022

On the eve of the new year, a abandoned, prematurely born baby girl was found wrapped in blankets on a cold winter day in Alaska. The little girl was accompanied by a letter written by her parents, and made a plea from their hearts. In the letter, her parents claimed that both they and the child's grandparents were so poor that they could not support her. The hope of this desperate family was that someone with a good heart would find the child and place her with a loving family. According to the letter, the baby was born at 6 am on December 31, and the heartbreaking decision to abandon her was made because the family did not have enough food or money to take care of her, as they described in their note.

As if the little girl herself was speaking, the letter reads: "Help me, please! "My parents and my grandparents have no food or money to raise me. They NEVER wanted to do this to me. Please take me with you and find me a LOVING FAMILY. My parents beg whoever finds me to take care of me. My name is Teshawn. "

The letter continues: “I was born 12 weeks premature. My mom was 28 weeks pregnant when she had me," the note reads. It adds: "My parents lived on Cormorant Street. My mom is really sad to have to do this." From these words, it is clear all the pain and sorrow the family was suffering and that they never, ever wanted to abandon their child.

Roxy Lane is the woman who found little Teshawn and, in addition to disseminating the video of her discovery, she strongly expressed her solidarity with the family: "Clearly, someone in our community felt so lost and hopeless that they probably made the hardest choice of their life by abandoning that innocent, little life by the side of the road with nothing but a few blankets on her and a name."

The woman invited anyone in the same situation to contact a specific local association and, in general, to prioritise the safety of children. “There is always a safer, more humane choice to save a child's life and you won't get in trouble and you won't even have to answer any difficult questions. Take the baby to a fire station, church or hospital and they'll take care of the infant,” Lane added.

What is important now is that little Teshawn was found, rescued and is now doing well.


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