Bride-to-be does not want her fiancé's…
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Bride-to-be does not want her fiancé's grandmother to attend their wedding reception and the argument kicks off

January 13, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

During the organization of a wedding, the guest list must also be finalized, of course, and often we find ourselves heatedly discussing which seats to assign to various family members and friends. One woman, however, perhaps went a bit too far in her selfishness and asked her fiancé not to allow his 98-year-old grandmother to attend the reception. The reason? The elderly woman would feel out of place, according to the bride. The engaged couple had already decided to have a wedding without children allowed, because the reception would be serving large amounts of alcohol and playing somewhat risqué music. So, according to the future wife, the attendance of the 90-year-old grandmother should be rescinded "for the same reason". The fiancé, of course, did not take the news very well, and neither did his grandmother.

The betrothed couple had a big argument over this issue. The bride stated that the elderly lady would be welcome at the ceremony, but not at the reception, where she had planned to indulge in copious amounts of alcohol with her friends. In short, the bride-to-be argued, if there weren't going to be any children to look after, then there shouldn't be a nearly 100-year-old grandmother to take care of either!

The young woman asked web users for their opinion about her position on the issue and provided other contextual details: the grandmother was very eager to attend the wedding because it would be the first of her grandchildren to get married. The bride-to-be also speculated that the grandmother was so keen to attend the event because she probably would not live long enough to attend the weddings of her other, younger grandchildren. But is this a sufficient reason for the couple to allow the elderly grandmother to attend both the wedding ceremony and the reception? Apparently, the bride-to-be would have preferred that the grandmother only attend the relatively quick wedding ceremony.

"She and her grandson both insist that she will be fine and that she wants to attend the reception as well. But I know that we will inevitably end up looking after her and taking care of her, while I just want to get drunk and go wild with my friends," said the woman. Most of the Reddit users, however, have harshly criticized the position adopted by the bride-to-be, calling it "pure selfishness", and pointing out the fact that for both the groom and his grandmother, the event was very important.

The bride-to-be concluded her complaining account with these words: "Now the grandmother is really mad at me and doesn't want to talk to me, and my fiance is mad at me too. I think I have the right to make this demand though - after all, I am the bride."

How do you evaluate this decision?

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