Couple has 14 children and each of them…
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Couple has 14 children and each of them does housework, even on holidays

January 14, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

It is not easy to raise one child within a family, and the same thing could be said of two or more children. Now think about what this couple, who gave birth to a record number of children, could say about this fact. Virginia and Charles are the proud mum and dad of 14 children, and despite the fact that life at home is not the simplest from an organizational point of view, mom Virginia is very happy with the children she has brought into the world and raised with husband Charles. And this is because they are all very understanding, cooperative and are not lazy.

via: Mirror UK

Virginia is 42 years old and Charles, her husband, has turned 45 and they live together in Texas. They are both parents of a very "extended" family - in fact, they gave birth to 14 children in total. The youngest child is called Serenity and is 9 months old - the eldest is Chaz and he is 21. Virginia describes herself as a housewife, while her husband Charles works as an electrical engineer. Although Virginia spends most of her time at home taking care of her many children, she has stated that her daily life is not at all tiring or burdensome. In fact, each of her children has assigned tasks to carry out at home, for which they receive rewards when they complete the tasks.

The only ones "exempt" from doing the assigned household chores are 9-month-old Serenity, 3-year-old Shayla and her eldest son Chaz. Chaz has decided to voluntarily exempt himself from the chores but has paid an "exemption permission" of about $ 24. Since there are so many children and everyone has a designated chore, this large family's home is turned spick and span in no time. And these young people, who have so many responsibilities, also had all their housework done on Christmas day. Everyone obviously enjoyed the gifts received from relatives and celebrated in a carefree way, but not before having tidied up the house before their guests arrived. In just 30 minutes the house was as clean as it had ever been!


Not everyone, however, agrees with the parents' method of responsibility-assignment of their children within this family. Some parents believe that it is not appropriate to assign daily chores to children and especially so on holidays or rest days. Others agree with the methodss of Virginia and her husband Charles, believing it is necessary that, from an early age we must all be educated to be responsibile and respect the spaces and work of others.

What do you think about these parents' approach to raising their children?


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