He marries the love of his life just…
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He marries the love of his life just 2 days before she dies and advises everyone: "Don't procrastinate"

January 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When we love someone, we shouldn't wait too long to let them know: we only have one life and it is quite short, so we must use every moment at our disposal to produce some happiness - both for ourselves and for others. Ben Cooper, a 34-year-old man, married the love of his life, Jen, shortly before she lost her battle with breast cancer. The two had been together for a very long time and had 3 children together, including 2 children that Jen had from a previous marriage. The ceremony was short and sweet due to Jen's health condition, but Ben and her children were happy to experience the emotional, happy day. Of course, Jen, wearing a beautiful wedding dress, was very happy too.

After being together for years, Ben and Jen had enjoyed each other's company as a loving couple -  but something was still missing, "the finishing touch": marriage! Ben had asked Jen  to marry him several times but the truth is that the timing never seemed to be just right. Jen didn't want to get married while her father was sick; and she didn't want to get married without her hair, which fell out because of the chemotherapy she had to undergo for her cancer. In short, and understandably, Jen dreamed that her wedding would be celebrated in a "moment of calm and normality". Unfortunately, life holds many surprises, good and bad, and we just cannot predict when a moment of calm will come. Given this truth, we can't spend our lives waiting for things to reach perfection in order to make our dreams come true ... we simply have to make them come true!

Ben could not accept the idea that his marriage to Jen, planned for weeks, would never happen, which is why they had it performed in the Jen's hospital room. It was certainly not the wedding any of them had imagined or wanted, but it was exciting and deeply meaningful, and that was sufficient for them.

Ben Cooper became a widower just two days after he married Jen and sadly knew well in advance that the dread day would come: "I am heartbroken this marriage lasted only a few days and not years" and then added his personal advice: "Don't delay: tell the people you love that you love them, and do it right now. "


The last words Jen heard before she closed her eyes forever were, "Your kids love you." Ben is now a single dad, experiencing the life of a parent who takes full responsibility for his family. While Jen was in the hospital, she started writing a diary about her experiences and now Ben hopes to continue to be able to do a good job caring for her children. He also hopes he can be of help to other fathers who have been affected by similar tragedies.

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